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  1. How to remove fleas for cats:
    1, take 250 grams of fresh citrus skin, cut into broken end, squeeze the juice, dilute the juice with 500 grams of boiling water and stir well, spray it on the cat, or use a towel to use a towel after cooling, or use a towel to use a towel After wetting in the juice, wrap it on the cat. After an hour, the fleas on the cat can be killed.
    2, combed the cat's fur with a dense comb, there may be flea stuck in the comb. Do not crush the flea to death at this time, but stick to the rubber strip or soak and kill it in the water with detergent.
    3, thoroughly eliminate the disinfecting at home, the flea that leaked the net or the flea falling to the bed should be completely removed with Jingwei Spiritid medicine. Especially in the corner of the house, the edge of the wooden floor, the blanket and the hairs of the blanket should be carefully sprayed in place.
    4. Keeping the cat and dog body cleaning, the shampoo and care liquid specifically used to kill fleas are used to deal with those fleas that are not clean with the comb.
    5. Flea powder for cats. Flea powder for cats and dogs may contain a harmless but harmful ingredient to the cat, so it is dedicated to the cat. Separate the hair of the flea's ears and the root of the abdomen, insert it into the flea powder, and then sort out with the brush. Sprinkle every 2-3 days, and you cannot sprinkle every day.

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