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  1. There is a album in Lin Hai, which is called cat
    is piano song

    album profile:
    The kittens picked in the garden accidentally became the protagonist of the album.
    Lin Hai performed a short life of the cat "Mimi" with music.
    The real pet feelings, naked witness the relief of the two souls.
    The story of Lin Hai and cats is also your life film?
    Lin Hai invites you to recall.
    The music written by Lin Hai for cat love. Maybe I wrote it to Mimi, maybe I may write it to myself.

    Lin Hai said that this is a commemorative album.

    is the time to commemorate with Mimi, or the dive deep in the heart, the true feelings of the cat on the cat? Anyway, Mimi is happy. There is a album written for it.

    S listening to Lin Hai's cat music, listening to his talent and spirituality, listening to his contemplation and mood, listening to it, always letting people out of reality.

    Address: /show.asp? Specialid = 1685

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