5 thoughts on “My mother cat just gave birth to a nest. How old is it suitable to take away the kitten?”

  1. It is more appropriate to take away for more than 3 months. Generally, the kitten is 45 days off, and the vaccine is used for two months. It will be socialized slowly in three months. At this time If it is at least three months before it is more appropriate.

  2. The kittens can be supported by the full moon, but it is best to hold it all the time and a half months. At this time, the kitten is more robust, and it is easy to establish a close relationship with the new owner.

  3. At least two months, the kitten has to learn a lot with the cat mother, and there is a proportion to get along with the same kind.

  4. If you stay at home, you will let them be separated naturally. Generally, the cat mothers do not like the kitten after more than three months. If you are looking for adoption for the kitten, you have to wait until the kitten is at least two months old, you can eat cat food, and weaned. Let the kitten leave the cat mother in advance, there will be life -threatening.

  5. After weaning around 45 days, this different demand was not fed after ordering the big cat himself. From 45 days, he gradually thought of cat food too much. Sheep milk powder is soft. In view of your big cat, it is soft. Don't put more water, just suck water for the softness of cat food.

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