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  1. If in 2 tier cities, the cost of about 200-300,000; 300,000 in the 1st city.
    1, rent

    The rent is generally big heads. There are three months of payment, half a year, and one year. Each city is different. When finding a location, you need to investigate more and observe the traffic of each time period.
    2, decoration
    The decoration suggestion is mainly simple, divide each area well, and do a good job of ventilation system. It is best to bring your own characteristics, such as looking for hand -painted walls. Make customers comfortable and remember.
    3, equipment
    has a lot of equipment. Shelves, water blowers, beauty shear, workbench, comb, cage, etc. The salary of 3 months of workers is important.
    5, cargo
    The general dog food and cat food, pet supplies, nutrition cream, etc., can be less.
    6, opening activities and publicity costs
    The propaganda activities to open business must be done well. This is the best way to get the first batch of members.

  2. Generally speaking, the investment cost of pet shops is mainly composed of two parts, namely the early investment costs and operating costs. The previous costs mainly include the rent of the pet shop store, the purchase fee of pet stores, and the brand franchise fee of the brand. No matter what kind of pet shop we drive, we need to pay. Of course, the cost of pet shops is also affected by various causes. Choosing different pet franchise brands, opening shops in different places and pet products is different, and their pet store investment costs are also different. Like the rent of the store, the more bustling the place we choose to open the store, the larger the size of the store, and the larger the investment cost of the pet store will be.
    Of course, we need to invest a pet store to have a certain turnover. Of course, we invest in a pet shop. We still need to decide how big the store is opened according to our own financial ability. Generally speaking, a pet shop only needs about 80,000 to 120,000. Compared with other investment projects, its investment cost is very small.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, I am glad to answer your questions. Dear, about 200,000nDear, you need to open a pet shop 1. Certificate and procedure. Industrial and commercial business licenses, organization code certificates, and tax registration certificates are essential certificates. Project: the opening procedures for the opening of individual industrial and commercial households; 2. Choose the type of opening a store. The service of franchise stores is better, and personal stores are more free, but more funds are required; 3. Selection of the store address. The store's site should be selected in a clean place without affecting people; 4. Investment of funds. Including the beauty facilities of various nutrients and pets, they must provide a good environment for the growth of pets; 5. Autonomous operations or find professional cooperation.nDear, I hope my answer can help you        n1 morenBleak

  4. Different types of pet shops need different costs, and the lowest -level pet shop costs only cost tens of thousands of yuan. According to today's house prices, it is generally rented a 50 square meter, and the stores with similar location seats are about 6,000 per month. Of course, there will be a certain difference in housing prices in each city, so this is just an estimate and does not represent specific figures. However, because the cost of pet stores is affected by many factors, such as store rent, full sets of goods and equipment costs, employees' salary, etc., if you want to accurately say the cost of a pet shop cost, it is actually not easy, so so It is necessary to rely on investors to make an investment budget before joining. This is also best to allow themselves to go to the market to do a careful and meticulous investigation, so that the cost data obtained will be more reliable and practical.
    The pet stores are welcomed by investors because of low investment and low cost. The advantages of pet shops are mainly due to simple operation and stable markets. Therefore, investors choose the pet store franchise industry very correctly. The larger the scale of pet shop investment, the more pet stores you need, the higher the grade of pet shops, and the decoration costs increase accordingly. The larger the scale of investment, the selection of stores should be close to high -end residential areas, commercial areas and other places.

  5. Wuhan is the provincial capital of Hubei. The level of economic development is relatively high, and there are many pets. The market for opening pet shops is okay. So how much does it cost to open a pet shop in Wuhan? Paido Pets
    In the investment budget of opening pet shops
    1, rent (excluding price differences caused by location factors)
    In a small and medium pet shop generally 30-60 square meters of shops. The reserve price is about 1500 yuan-20,000 yuan. The increasingly savvy landlord will ask for one year for one year, and the payment method is mostly paid for six betting (some will require 1 year to pay). [Example: 1500 yuan × 7 months = 10500 yuan]
    2, decoration costs
    (1) Decoration of new shops: no transfer fee, but the decoration investment is large, according to the current market, it is still 30 at 30 -60 square meters as an example, the general decoration cost is 15,000 to 30,000 yuan
    (2) Transfer of the decoration of the shop: less decoration investment, but there will be a certain transfer fee, which generally costs about 15,000 yuan
    3, the purchase
    In the selection of the address and decoration, it is time to buy. Pet shop shops are a bit similar to grocery stores, which are mixed and more: beauty appliances, dog food, health products, bath products, cages, traction bands, diagnosis and treatment equipment and medicines, (not the cost of dogs), at least 20,000 yuan also requires 20,000 yuan Investment.
    4, promotion, opening
    all the preparations can be opened. Due to the low cost of investing in physical stores, more and more people choose to open stores online to sell products. Although there is a certain risk of online shopping, its relatively low price will still try to make many people's risks of being cheated.
    looking at

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