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  1. 1. The reason why cats call should be distinguished and handled them separately.
    2. The reason why cats call mainly include:
    (1) fear, and people need to accompany them. It may also be unfamiliar with the environment and feel insecure.
    (2) Hungry, thirsty, need to eat and drink.
    (3) Lonely, the master needs to play with it.
    (4) Disease. very uncomfortable.
    (5) In estrus, it needs cat or sterilization.
    3. Do the following processing:
    (1) Prepare a comfortable nest. To prepare a clean and comfortable nest for the cat, it is best to put a piece of clothes, so that you will sleep more at ease, because the cats depend on the parents, and the cat with the taste of parents will be more secure.
    (2) Play with cats. The cat may be coquettish with you. In fact, the cat is a child. If you ca n’t sleep, you will be coquettish with your parents. Parents can accompany the cat for a while. Don't call it. You usually have to accompany the cats, train more cats, and train the independence of cats. You can combine small snacks during training, so that the efficiency will be higher.
    (3) Check the cat. Cats screamed, may be sick, parents have to check the cat. Protect the vases and cups at home to avoid being injured by cats.
    (4) Pay attention to the cat's diet to prevent cats from screaming because of hunger and thirst. Moreover, cats have hair loss, so the diet should be light. It is recommended to choose cat food with low salt and less oil for cats. You can consider the smell of cat food, raw materials, oil volume, salt, nutritional elements, etc. These factors are often reflected in the cat's feces color, hair quality, hair volume, tone, tear marks and other aspects.
    (5) Cats may have to be estrus. At this time, pay attention to whether the cat has begun to spray stinky. If so, prepare sterilization.
    (6) But if the cat is still insisted, it is too naughty and must be educated. If you don't call, give rewards. If you scream, beat the cats cruelly, so that he dare not yell.

  2. If you want the cat to stop, then you must be full of cats and find a partner for the cat, and it will not always bark. If you can't do it, then put the cat outside and let it run away from home. —Atwrequently the cat's cry.

  3. Depending on the cat's personality, the processing method is different. Some cats like to bark in nature. In addition to their way of expression and communication, this is also a way to play entertainment. Some cats are basically not called, and they can only make a cry when they need to express some demands or emotions. For the first cat, it is difficult to change their personality, but still need to distinguish whether it is called playing or communicating and expressing it. If it is the latter, you need to understand what it means. Conditions. For the second kind of cat, just pay attention to observation and communication and find what they want to express. For example, the cat is hungry and wants to find someone to play. Waiting for factors will make them cry. After solving these problems that trouble them, they will naturally not call.

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