1 thought on “Handwriting report on animals in English”

  1. 驼Cat 猫rn 河马Pig 猪rnCrocodile 鳄鱼Chicken 鸡肉Snake 蛇Rabbit 兔子Frog 青蛙Duck 鸭子Tortoise 乌龟Goose 鹅Fox 狐狸Panda 熊猫Squirrel 松鼠Zebra 斑马Mouse 老鼠Wolf 狼rnPeacock (雄)孔雀Owl The owl sparrow sparrow
    toco toucan miss ma does not have shrimp shrimp dragofly dragonfly Fly flies; Mosquito Ant ant
    anteater ants Antilope Antelope armadillo 犰狳 ass, donkey donkey badger
    bald eagle white eagle bear billy goat
    bird of paradise bliss, paradise bird bison Bull Blackbird Blackbird Boa king snake
    boar male pig

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