1 thought on “Is the rabies disease 10 days of observation?”

  1. 1. Is rabies 10 -day observation applied to cats?

    2. On the ten, the observation method is suitable for cats.

    3. Watching method is suitable for cats?

    . Is the observation method effective for cats.

    1. Applicable.

    2. On the ten -day observation method, it means that animals suspected of rabies are separated alone. Observation for ten days, if the animal does not have restlessness, saliva, fear of water, strong aggressive rabies and other rabies diseases such as rabies diseases such as rabies Clinical symptoms, it means that this animal does not suffer from rabies.

    3. At this time, you can determine that those who are bitten or scratched are not infected with rabies.

    4. However, it cannot be ruled out that the animal has rabies virus.

    5. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use the flowing water to wash with the flowing water after being bitten or scratched by animals, and at the same time with soap for anti -virus, and then to inoculate the rabies vaccine as soon as possible.

    6. At the same time, for us and the safety of small animals at home, we also have to take them to get rabies vaccine after 3 months.

    7. and insist on vaccination every year.

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