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  1. This should be good, but investing in financial management is still more cautious. The most popular one is Tencent QQ Wealth Management includes three types: stable financial management, insurance wealth management and index fund wealth management. Fund and regular financial management have less likely losses and relatively low returns, suitable for conservative investors. Insurance Financial Management: It is a new type of financial product issued by insurance companies. Compared with the currency fund, the risk is higher. Index fund wealth management refers to fund products operated by fund companies and based on a certain index as the tracking object. It is usually "the index rises the fund rising, the index falls the fund falling". Index funds are high -risk products, and investment is likely to lose money. Fund products operated by fund companies, based on a certain index as a tracking object, are usually "the index rose up the fund rising, the index fell the fund falling." Fund must have a third -party hosting. If there is no fund custody, then there is a suspected fund pool. In the current situation of P2P in China, it is far from the fund pool and closer to the third -party hosted. The operation form of the funds pool is one of the red line defined by the China Banking Regulatory Commission as a P2P platform that cannot be touched. Some platforms of false marketing intentionally confuse the third -party payment channel and third -party payment custody, and describe the third -party payment channel as a third -party fund custody; some platforms also recharge offline. The risk of funds is obvious. Project information is invisible to tourists, and the platform must be seen after logging in. For such a platform that does not allow tourists to view project information, it has a higher probability that it is greasy. If the project information is disclosed well, there is nothing to be afraid of not to register. Introduction to the borrowing project is unprecedented platform. Inadequate disclosure of the information and documents of the borrowing items, either proves that the platform operation and risk control level are insufficient, or the platform intends to conceal the details of the loan project. Both situations are implying that hidden safety hazards have increased. There are many platforms and seconds. Some platforms like to release the "Sky Labels and Second Alien". The so -called "Skybladers, Second Alien" is a high -yield and ultra -short -term borrowing target for the P2P platform to recruit popularity. It is usually a fictional borrowing of the platform, which is bidded and made by investors. The platform soon repay the interest after full bid. Most of the Tianbiao and seconds are fictional borrowings. There are no real borrowers who attract investors' funds to enter through small profits, and add withdrawal restrictions to use these money to pay interest and short -term returns to old investors. Platform with too many short standards. If more than 90%of a platform is awarded within 30 days, this should be paid attention. Short standards are often designed by non -regular platforms to attract investors, because the short -term short -term shortcomings are fast, often attracting investors' attention. From the perspective of operation and profit, mature platforms will not make too many short marks. Platforms with long periods and poor liquidity. If the borrowing project of the platform is 6-12 months and cannot provide debt transfer services, it is a great restriction for investors' funds. The poor funds were originally a risk point. The length of the target and poor liquidity also reflects that the platform is not friendly to users, and does not consider problems from the perspective of investor. Platforms with interest rates exceeding 24%. High returns mean high risk. The state stipulates that the interest rate of private lending institutions shall not be higher than the bank interest rates of the same period. Based on the current 5.6%interest rate, the annualized interest rate is 24%higher than the legal standards, and the legal bottom line is touched. At the end of the year, the key reminder was that the annualized income was more than 24%of the target, and projects with annualized income were absolutely not voted. Small and medium -sized platforms in Thunder Area. There are frequent emergence of the Chinese mine platform in Shandong and Anhui. There are many similarities between the operating model and loan needs between the platforms of the minefield. Homogeneous and malignant competition has occurred from each other. This is a regional risk. Small. Platform of third- and fourth -tier cities. The platform from small cities has relatively difficult to obtain industry information, and its ability to acquire technology and operating talents is also weak. In addition, once there is a problem with the project, the small city platform will have certain limitations compared to large cities with a relatively complete economic and political environment in terms of government efficiency and mortgage disposal speed. Management team layman platform. A mature platform must have five key departments of risk control, technology, operation, customer service, and promotion. If the "about us" page introduction in the platform does not mention 100%of the senior management or personnel of these five departments, the team can be possible It is determined that it belongs to the layman and dare not provide information for investors to check. Platform that cannot be found by the company's address. If the address of a company cannot be found on the real map, it will attract the attention of investors. Or the address found is remote, and it also attracts the attention of investors. There is no platform on the search engine. If even search giants such as Baidu or 360 cannot find any useful information about the platform, it proves that the platform cannot meet the basic criteria for Internet operations, and investors are best away. Searched a platform with too many negative messages. If there are too many negative information searching online and offline, be careful. For a concentrated negative news, it is better to believe it, and it is not credible. This is a bloody big red line. It would rather kill a thousand wrongly. I have been engaged in Internet finance for many years, and I hope that I can provide you with some consecutive suggestions in terms of platform selection. It depends on what company it is. Most of them are unreliable, and some well -known big companies are okay. I have invested for a few years, and I personally think that it is still very good. I have been investing in loan banks. It is a listed company. The investment is safer. They allocate the user's transactions and capital flowing and the bookkeeping. The bank is responsible for it. It aims to help investors with low -risk and profitable investment and financial services to help them achieve steadily appreciation of assets. Personally, I think it is quite reliable. Now it is a listed company, which is a listed company. It has a state -owned background and is more secure. They allocate the user's transactions and capital flowing and the bookkeeping. The bank is responsible for it. The purpose is to help investors with low -risk and moderate benefits to help them achieve steadily appreciation of assets.

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