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  1. The slow starting speed is not necessarily too much loading items at the startup.
    This! You first install the Jinshan set [Kingsoft Poison Dharma Kingsoft Guardian Jinshan Net Shield] are free.
    Kingsoft Poison Bully is a professional anti -virus software that can help you see if there is a virus.
    Kingsoft Guardian is a very good system optimization tool to help you optimize the system.
    The Jinshan Net Shield is an Internet protection tool, which is more perfect than Kaka Internet assistant.
    The installation of these three is OK!
    The try it!

  2. You can check from these aspects: The most discerning of the GHOST system is to drive the hardware testing tool first and check whether the driver is correct and complete? There is also to check whether the computer is poisoned in the process to see if there are many SVC service programs in the process. Check
    It hope it will be helpful to you

  3. Kill the poison first, then optimize the system with 360 or optimize the master, and then make disk fragmentation. Try not.

  4. The system is solved 100 %. In addition, there is a necessary partition, so that there will be no residual virus anymore.

  5. 1. Software

    1. Setting virtual memory

    has a very large data exchange file in the hard disk. Many applications are often used, so the system needs to often use a large amount of data access to the main memory, so the speed of accessing this file constitutes a very important factor affecting the speed of computer! Generally, Windows is preset by managing virtual memory by the system by itself. It will automatically adjust the exchanges files by required by different programs. However, such a large reduction will bring additional burden to the system and slow down the system operation! In view of this, users are best to determine the minimum and maximum values ​​of virtual memory to avoid frequent changes. To set up virtual memory, right -click on "My Computer" to select "Properties", and set up "Virtual Memory" in the "Effective" dialog box in the "Advanced" option.

    3. Check the application software or driver

    The procedures to slow down the system when the computer system starts. If it is the reason for this reason, Yizhou Source Sading Saddle Step Step, J Jianzheng 舳 R 馐 馐 馐 馐 舳 舳 舳 舳 stepping on the healthy � � � � � 诵 诵 诵 � � � � � � 5. Gliming 阌 阌 阌 阌 5 stepping on � 健 舳 ⑾ 缒 缒 舳 俣 俣 俣 舳 舳 俣 俣 欤 欤 赡 苣 苣 绦 蚴堑 蚴堑 蚴堑 蚴堑 舳 舳 舳 俣 俣 俣 俣 俣 俣 俣 俣 俣 俣The lack of lack of brain?

    4, too many desktop icons will cause trouble

    The too many icons on the desktop will reduce the system startup speed. Every time Windows starts and displays the desktop, it is necessary to find the icon of the desktop shortcut and load them one by one. The more icons, the more time it takes. At the same time, some anti -virus software provides a system startup scanning function, which will take a lot of time. In fact, if you have opened the real -time monitoring function of anti -virus software, then the scanning system is a bit redundant when starting. Intersection It is recommended that you put the unused desktop icons in a special folder or simply delete it!

    5, the system startup caused by ADSL is slower

    Bindows XP will conduct self -inspection of network cards such as network cards when starting. The configuration will be set up, which may be the real reason for the slowdown of the system start. At this time, we can open the "local connection" attribute menu and double -click the "Internet protocol" in the "conventional" item to open the "TCP/IP property" menu. Configure the IP address of the network card to a value that has not been used in the public network (the default gateway is such as 192.168.1.x, and X is taken between 2 ~ 255, the default gateway and DNS can take the default settings.

    6, the impact of fonts on speed

    . Although Microsoft claims that the Windows operating system can install 1000 to 1500 fonts, in fact, when you install more than 500 kinds, you will be There are problems, such as: fonts disappear from the application of the application and the startup speed of Windows has decreased significantly. It is recommended to delete the fonts that are not used or not commonly used here. In order to avoid accidents, the necessary backup can be performed first.

    7, delete the random startup program

    What is a random startup program? The random startup program is the program loaded during the boot. The random startup program not only slows down the speed at the time of power, but also consumes computer resources and memory faster. Generally speaking, if you want to delete the random startup program, you can delete it in the "Start" list, but if you want to be more detailed, for example, QQ is QQ Software such as Popkiller cannot be deleted in the "Start" list. You need to go to the "subsidiary application", then go to "system tools", and then go to "system information". After entering "Then follow the" System Configuration Editing Procedure ". After entering, in the" Start "dialog box, the random startup program loaded when starting the computer will be listed in detail! You can also enter MSCONFIG to call "System Configuration Practical Program" in "Run" to terminate the system random startup program. The 2000 system needs to copy the MSCONFIG program from XP.

    8, canceling the background and closing

    In I do n’t know if you have noticed it. We usually put the beautiful background on the desktop. In fact, it is a waste of computer resources! Not only that, but also slow down the speed of the computer when performing the application! I wanted to beautify the desktop, but slowly slowed down the computer, so that we need to use the background. The method is: right -click on the desktop, then press the content, and then select "None" in the "Background" dialog box. In the "appearance" dialog box, the blue green presets on the desktop is changed to black ... As for the closure, it is to ask you to close the web screen from the desktop, such as right -click on the desktop, right -click on the desktop, Then press the content, and then in the "Background" dialog box, there is a background called Windows XX, that is the web picture! So do not turn on how the system configuration is not high.

    10. Windows has become slimmer

    Compared with the DOS system, Windows is too huge, and with your daily operations, install new software, load the operating library, add add The new game and so on make it larger, and what is more important is not only its directory, but also its registry and runtime library. Because even if a program is deleted, the DLL file it uses will still exist, so with the long time, the DLL dynamic link library file that needs to be loaded when the Windows starts and exits is getting larger and larger, and the natural system operates speed. It's getting slower. At this time, we need to use some procedures that completely delete DLL, which can restore Windows to a slim figure. It is recommended that the best players should re -install Windows every two months, which is effective.

    11, changing the system boot time

    . Although you already know how to add and delete some random startup procedures, you know, do you know, starting from the start to the Windows that enter Windows During that time, what was the computer doing? Or, what procedures do you execute? Those programs must be carried out to enter Windows all after loading. Have you ever thought that if you can delete some unnecessary boot programs, will the speed when booting will be accelerated? The answer is yes! If you want to modify, you can press "Start", select "Execution", and then type win.ini. After opening, you can delete the content of the following paragraphs. Delete the content. Do not even delete the title! They include: [], [], [], [], [], and [Embedding].

    . Hardware

    1, Windows system to close the hard disk DMA mode

    The DMA mode of hard disk There are DMA33, DMA66, DMA100 and DMA133, the latest SATA-150s are all out! Generally speaking, most people are still using PATA mode hard disks. The hard disk uses the DMA mode by 2 to 8 times faster than the previous PIO mode transmission. The starting of the DMA mode has played a substantial role in the performance of the system. But do you know? Windows 2000, XP, 2003 systems sometimes turn off the DMA mode of the hard disk by themselves, and automatically switch to the PIO mode to run! This causes the performance of the hard disk in the above system to decline suddenly. The most obvious phenomenon is that the system starts speed slowly. Generally speaking, the normal Windows XP system starts from left to right. The secondary system can start, but this problem may go 5-8 times or more when this problem occurs! Moreover, the hard disk operation is obviously slow when running the system. When running some large software, the CPU occupation rate often reaches 100%and occurs. When playing some large 3D games, there are obvious pauses when the screen is played. Is the DMA mode that looks good? Whether it is closed by the Windows system. Check whether your system opens the DMA mode:

    a. Double -click "Management Tool", and then double -click "Computer Management";
    nb. Click "System Tool", then click on "Device Manager";

    c. Expand the "IDE ATA/Atapi Controller" node;

    d. Double -click your "Main IDE Controller";
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n2, CPU, and fans are running normally and sufficient cooling

    When the CPU fan speed becomes slower, the temperature of the CPU itself will increase. In order to protect the safety of the CPU, the CPU will automatically reduce the operation Frequency, which causes the computer to run slowly. There are two methods to detect the temperature of the CPU. You can use the "finger measurement method" to test whether the temperature of the processor is hot with the finger, but it should be noted that you must first unplug the power plug first, and then connect to the ground to prevent the static electrostatic cutting CPU on the body. Even damaged. Another more scientific method is to use a universal meter to detect the temperature of the processor.

    The reasoner temperature is different because the types and models of the processor are different. But in general, the temperature should be lower than 110 degrees. If you find that the tester's test is higher than this temperature, check whether the fan in the case is running normally.

    3, the effect of USB and scanners

    Since the Windows starts when the Windows starts The start time of the computer. So if the computer is installed with a scanner and other devices, or the USB hard disk is connected when starting, then try to disconnect them first to see if the startup speed is changed. Generally speaking, because the USB interface speed is slow, the corresponding device will have a significant effect on the starting speed of the computer. You should try to connect the USB device after startup. If there is no USB device, it is recommended to turn off the USB function directly in BIOS settings.

    4. Whether disk compression is used

    The "disk compression" may reduce the performance of the computer sharply, causing the system speed to slow down. So at this time you should detect whether the "disk compression" is used. The specific operation is to click the right mouse button on "My Computer", and select the "Properties" option from the pop -up menu to check the property of the drive.

    5. By default, the system will automatically obtain the IP address through DHCP, but the local area network of most companies does not have a DHCP server. Therefore, if the user is set to "automatically obtain IP address", the system will continue to search for DHCP server in the network when starting. Until obtaining an IP address or timeout, it naturally affects the startup time. Therefore, the user of the local area network is best to specify a fixed IP address for your computer.

    6, folder and printer sharing

    The computer with Windows XP professional version will also appear very slow when it starts. After the system, the desktop does not appear, and the computer is like stopping the reaction, which can be used normally after 1 minute. This is because after using the bootvis.exe program, the mrxsmb.dll file in it adds 67 seconds to the computer startup!

    It to solve this problem, as long as the shared folder and printer are stopped: select "Start → Settings → Network and Dialing Connection", right -click "Local Connection", select "Properties", open it on the opening, in the open Cancel the checkbox before the "Microsoft Network" before the "This connection is selected by the following components" before the window.
    7. Improper configuration of the system accessories

    The users often ignore some small things when assembling machines, resulting in improper computers of the computer's component, which exists in the bottleneck in speed. For example, some friends chosen the CPU is very high, but the sound card, etc., bought ordinary cheap goods. In fact, this often does not lose money. Because in this way, when the computer is running the game and playing the video disc, because the sound card occupies a high CPU resources and its data transmission speed is slow, or it does not have a hardware decoding at all, it needs to use the software decoding method. The operation is intermittent. Another example is that some friends' machines have been upgraded. In the past, some components on the old machines were reluctant to abandon the memory bar and used it on the new machine. However, due to the limitation of the speed of the old memory, the new machine must be reduced to relocate the speed. It reduces the performance of the whole machine and greatly affects the overall operating speed.

    9, disconnecting the unnecessary network drive

    In order to eliminate or reduce the number of network connections that Windows must be re -established, it is recommended to break some network drives that do not need to use, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, it is also the same. Enter "My Computer", right -click the network drive that has been established, and select "disconnect".

    10, lack of sufficient memory

    Windows operating system is one of the advantages of multi -linearity and multi -tasking. Do a lot of things. But there are natural disadvantages of things, and multi -tasking operations will also make higher requirements for your machine. Friends know that even the most commonly used WORD software requires that it is best to have about 16MB of memory, and when running large software such as 3D MAX, 64MB of memory is not enough. Therefore, the system will automatically use the hard disk space to virtual main memory, which is used to run program and storage switching files and various temporary files. Because the hard disk is a mechanical structure, and memory is an electronic structure, the speed between the two is several magnitude magnitude. The use of hard disks to virtual main memory will cause the program to run the speed significantly.

    11. Insufficient hard disk space

    one of the disadvantages of using the Windows system platform is that the management of the file is unclear. Sometimes you do not know whether this file is useful for the system, so The number of files in the Windows directory is increasing, and the capacity is getting larger and larger. In addition, the current software likes to make bigger and bigger, plus some temporary files and exchange files generated by some systems. Small. When the available space of the hard disk is small to a certain degree, it will cause system exchange files and temporary files to lack available space, reducing the operating efficiency of the system. What's more important is that we usually store and delete various software on the hard disk frequently, so that the available space of the hard disk becomes fragmented. Therefore, the system is often not stored in storage files. This will cause system storage and reading During the file, the magnetic head is frequently moved, which greatly reduces the operation speed of the system.

    12, there are too many hard disk partitions

    If your Windows 2000 has not been upgraded to SP3 or SP4, and too many partitions are defined, then the startup will also become startup. Very long, even hanging. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade the latest SP4, and it is best not to divide the hard disk with too many areas. Because Windows must load each partition when starting, as the number of partitions increases, the total amount of this operation will continue to grow.

    . The virus

    If your computer is infected with the virus, the operation speed of the system will be slowly slowed. After the virus invasion, first occupy the base of memory, and then use this as a base to start copying itself in the memory. As it becomes larger and larger, it will quickly occupy a large number of systems of memory, resulting in normal procedures when runtime running. Slowness due to the lack of main memory and cannot even start; at the same time, the virus program will force the CPU to execute the useless junk program, making the system always busy, which affects the operation of normal programs and leads to slower computer speed. Below we introduce several viruses that can slow down the system.

    1. BRIDE virus that makes the system slow down

    Virus type: Hacker program
    For seizure: Random
    Object: Network
    The degree of vigilance: ★★★★

    Virus Introduction:

    This can run normally in operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows XP. The website will be automatically connected when running. If you cannot connect to this website, the virus will sleep for a few minutes, and then modify the registry to add the registry to start items. The virus will release four viruses and a virus email with loopholes. Through the email system, the virus will also release the Funlove virus infection LAN computer. In the end, the virus will also kill dozens of anti -virus software to make these anti -virus software fail.

    The virus features

    If the user finds these features in the computer, it is likely to hit the virus.

    · Virus will automatically connect to the website after running.
    · Virus will release three files of BRIDE.Exe, msconfig.exe, regEdit.exe to the system directory; release: Help.eml, Explorer.exe file to the desktop.
    · The virus will add the path of the virus Regedit.exe to the HKEY_LOCAL_ item of the registry.
    · The virus will release a Funlove virus and perform it, and the Funlove virus will reproduce a large amount in the computer, causing the system to slow down and the network blockage.
    · The virus will find the mail address in the computer, and then send a large number of the title as: u003CInfected computer name> (for example: if the user's computer name is Zhang Dong, then the title of the virus email is the title of the virus mail. For: Zhang Dong) virus email.
    · Virus will also kill dozens of famous foreign anti -virus software.

    It if the user finds all the above or part of the phenomenon in his computer, it is likely that the Bride (world.bride) virus is likely to be screened immediately with the anti -virus software in his hand.

    2, Aflun virus that makes the system slower

    Virus type: worm virus
    For seizure time: random
    R n -infected object: Network
    The degree of vigilance: ★★★★

    Virus Introduction:

    This can be in Windows 9X, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows XP and other operating systems running normally. Repeat yourself to Temp, System, RecycleD directory when running the virus, and generate file name randomly. After the virus is running, it will consume a lot of system resources, slow down the system, and kill some of the anti -virus software that is running, and establish four threads to spread wildly in the local area network.

    Dvirus features

    If the user finds these characteristics in the computer, it is likely to hit this virus:

    · The virus will be running when running the virus will be running. Repeated to Temp, System, and Recycled directory by yourself, the file name random
    · Virus will make the system significantly slower
    · Virus will kill some anti -virus software
    · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n Virus will modify the starting item of the registry for self -activation
    · Virus will establish four threads to spread in the local area network

    . If the user finds all the above or part of the phenomenon in his computer, then all phenomena will be found, then all or part of the phenomenon will be found in their own computer. It is very likely that the "Worm.avron" virus "virus. Since this virus does not have a fixed virus file name, it is best to use antivirus software to remove it.
    3, malignant worm shock waves

    Virus names: Worm.sasser
    Chinese name: shock wave
    Virus alias: w32/sasser.worm [mcafee]
    virus type: worm
    The influential system: winnt/win2000/winxp/win2003

    Vivioplasses infection symptoms:

    · inexplicably crash or restart the computer;
    · System speed is extremely slow, CPU takes up 100%;
    · network slows down;
    · Most importantly, there is a process called "avServe.exe" in the task manager!

    The destruction method:

    . Use the LSASS vulnerability of the Windows platform to widely spread, and open hundreds of threads to constantly attack other online systems to block the network. The attack behavior of the virus allows the system to restart the countdown.
    · Different from most of the recent worm viruses, the virus does not spread through mail, but instead of ordering a machine that is susceptible to infection
    downloading specific files and running to achieve the purpose of infection.
    · File name: avServe.exe


    · Please upgrade your operating system, avoid attack
    · Please open your individual Firewood wall shielding port: 445, 5554 and 9996, to prevent programs called avServe.exe access network
    · Manual solution:

    First, if the system is Winme/WinXP, please close first System restore function;

    It step 1, use the process program manager to end the virus process

    right -click the taskbar, pop up the menu, select "task manager", call out " Windows task manager "window. In the task manager, click the "Process" tag, find the virus process "AVSERVE.EXE" in the example bar, click the "End Process button", click "Yes", end the virus process, and then close the "Windows task management "

    Step 2, find and delete the virus program

    The enter the system installation directory (WINNT or Windows) through" My Computer "or" Resource Manager " The file "AVSER VE.EXE", delete it; then enter the system directory (or), find the file "*_up.exe", delete them;

    Added item

    In the registry editor: Click to start-> Run, enter Regedit, press Enter;
    n in the left panel on the left, double -click (find in the order of the arrow head to find the order of the arrow head, find it in order After finding):


    In the panel on the right, find and delete the following items: "avServe.exe" = %% avServe.exe n n n n n n n R n turn the registry editor.

    The second part of the system acceleration

    . Windows 98

    1, do not load too much random start program

    Do not load too many unnecessary random starting procedures when booting. Select "Start → Program → Annex → System Tools → System Information → System Information Dialogue", and then select "Tools → System Configuration Practical Program → Start", just hook it in front of the internat.exe. After the selection, you can restart.

    2, the file format of the conversion system

    The hard disk from FAT16 to FAT32.

    3, do not use the background easily

    It do not use it, otherwise the system running speed will slow down (right -click the screen → look for display attributes → web label → take it about the "active desktop tablet "The options of" channels "are all canceled).

    4. Set up virtual memory

    3 times the virtual memory is set to machine memory, for example: 32M memory is set to 96M, and the maximum value and minimum value and minimum value The values ​​are the same (this setting can be set by "control panel → system → performance → virtual memory").

    5, some optimization settings

    a, to the control panel, select "System → Performance → File System". Change the "computer's main purpose" of the hard disk label to the network server, and the "pre -reading optimization" is adjusted to full speed.

    b, "search for new soft drives" in the "floppy disk" label.

    C, CD-ROM's "additional high-speed caching" is adjusted to the maximum, and the access method selects four times or faster CD-ROM.

    6, regularly organize the system

    Themaneous use of the following tools: disk scanning, disk cleaning, fragmented sorting, system file checker (ASD), DR · watson, etc.
    2. Windows 2000

    1, upgrade file system

    a, if your operating system is started with Win 9X and Win 2000 dual restart, the recommended file system format is all all format Use FAT32 format, so that one can save hard disk space, and secondly, we can implement resource sharing between 9X and 2000.

    Reminder: To achieve such a dual start, it is best to install 9x in the C -zone C area in a pure DOS environment, and then start in 9x or use the Win 2000 startup to install 2000 in the DOS environment in the DOS environment. In another area, at least there must be more than 800m space in this area

    B, if you only use Win 2000, it is recommended to transform the file system format into NTFS format, which can save hard disk space. Secondly, the stability and operating speed are higher, and the format of this file system has a good error correction; but in this way, the DOS and Win 9X systems cannot run in this file system format. It is best to use FAT32 format to ensure resource sharing. Moreover, some applications cannot run in the format of this file system, most of which are game categories under DOS.

    In reminder: The method of upgrading the file system to NTFS format under Win 2000 is to click "Start-Program-Annex" to select the "command prompt", and then enter the "convert" in the open prompt window window. Drive_letter:/fs: ntfs ", the" Drive "is a hard disk partition symbol you want Essence

    · Run "Add-Delete Program" again, you will see an option to "add/delete Windows components";

    b, open the "folder option" " Select "Display All Files and Folders" in the "View" tag. At this time, the two files of AutoExec.bat and config.sys will appear in the root directory of the Win 2000 area. In fact, these two files There is no content in it, which can be deleted safely.

    c, right -click "My Computer", select "Management", and "Service" options under the "service and application", you will see each program group loaded on Win 2000 There are many functions about local area network settings or other functions. You can completely disable the procedures you do not use;

    , if you are not in the local area network, you can set it to be disabled; There is FAX Service, which is not settled to disable; Print Spooler has no printer settings as a production; Power Supply, if there is no UPS, you can also set it on these loading procedures.

    The explanation and running status after each loading program; the procedure to be disabled is selected, right -click it, select "attribute", then click to stop, and set the "startup type" to "" Manual "or" disabled "is fine.

    d, turn off the debugger Dr. Watson;

    runs DRWTSN32, and all those except the" all thread context "except for the context of" all threads " Remove. Otherwise, once there is a procedural error, the hard disk will sound a long time, and it will occupy a lot of space. If you have encountered this before, please find the user.dmp file and delete it, which may save tens of mega space. This is the scene of the error program, which is useless to us. In addition, Memory.dmp appears in the blue screen can also be deleted. Can be turned off in my computer/attribute

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