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  1. This group replied: Hello, I will answer your questions in an all -round way. The "red wine circle" is roughly in the case of several situations: 1. The physical circle 1. Red wine clubs and clubs are generally local wine clubs. Most of them are wine friends, absolutely people in the circle. Of course, the premise is to have a certain identity and economic foundation. In this circle, you can know a lot of like -minded and equal friends. More importantly, you can have the opportunity to contact many wines. Of course, there may also be beauty encounters, haha. 2. The red wine customer group is mainly aimed at the merchants who sell wine. He can use the platform of his own wine to sell the customer to build a relationship circle. For example, we often call customers to hold wine tasting meetings and promotion meetings. Some large businesses even organize high -end customers to visit foreign wineries! 3. The technical alliance mainly refers to industry insiders who do wine, such as winemakers. Many of them have their own small circles and communicate with each other with some technical levels. 2. Network Virtual Circle 1. Website Forum Wine Forum can learn a lot. There are 2 well -known domestic ones, one is the China Wine Information Network Forum, and the other is the China Wine Consultation Network Forum. At the same time, improve your level. Among them, China Wine Consulting Network has online red wine clubs in many cities across the country. This is a leading approach in the wine website, which is worth mentioning. 2. The wine blog blog does not introduce much, which is also a very good virtual circle. Many alcoholics have their own blogs. The number of interviews is very large. Seeing their blogs can not only learn knowledge, but also feel the love and persistence of these real wine people in wine. 3. The QQ group is a local local red wine group. The advantage is that they can often dine together and tast it. The other is a comprehensive "large group" of the nation's nature. Among them, a wine QQ group called "love wine is like", but this group requires strict requirements. Haha, so many circles, did the landlord think of it with me? Welcome to ask. In addition, the head of Mumu, I may want to grab your admission. Essence Essence Excuse me

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