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  1. The most expensive dog Tibetan mastiff in the world, an endangered animal that can be compared with giant pandas. Tracing the origin of the Tibetan mastiff, the first document record should come from the world -renowned traveler Marco. Travel notes in Polo. In 1275 AD, he described in his travel notes: "The Tibetans have such a big dog, so fierce, their shapes are like a Tibetan donkey, and their barking is like a lion." It is said that the Mastev dog, the Dan Dog, and the Newber The five major fierce dogs such as Lyton Dogs, St. Big Dogs, Newfoundland Dogs, and the shepherd dogs of Germany contain Tibetan mastiff dogs. In other words, the Tibetan mastiff is the ancestor of the world's fierce dog. However, it is sad that for various reasons, this kind of recognized mastiff is endangered. We usually call the Tibetan mastiff dogs in Tibetan mastiffs, and the ancient names of the Cangli dogs. There are other titles in the people. Tibetans in different areas of Tibetan areas have different titles, mostly "Duo Qi" and "Qige". Husband dogs, etc., according to the interesting folklore of China, Erlang God's Xiaotian dog is the "four eyes" Tibetan mastiff. Today in the Himalayan area of ​​Tibet, a purebred Tibetan mastiff is difficult to find. However, once they find them, most of them are regarded as the guards of animals, and they can adapt to the harsh survival conditions of the mountains. Tibetan traders and sheep are traveling. These dogs are expected to protect their owners' flocks and tents and resist the invaders such as wolves and snow leopards. Because of the different life areas, the Tibetan mastiff is also different in appearance. At present, the best Tibetan mastiff is out of the Hequ area in Tibet. This Tibetan mastiff has the original characteristics of the typical Himalayan dogs: the dense mane is like the African lion. The front chest is wide, the eyes are bright and implicit. The harsh environment of the Himalayas has given the Tibetan mastiff a rough, fierce and resolute psychological tolerance, and also gives the Tibetan mastiff king's temperament, noble, elegant, calm, and brave. There is also a Tibetan mastiff out of Qinghai. There is almost no mane for this Tibetan mastiff, the hair on the body is relatively short, but the body shape is larger! But its character is not fierce and calm. The personality and temperament of the Tibetan mastiff coincide with Chinese classical philosophy: the wisdom is foolish and the courage is timid. The eyes of the Tibetan mastiff are very typical: they always close their eyes slightly, and the eyes contain a contempt, and the calmness of the stability is quite king. For example, if someone knocked on the door, the Tibetan mastiff just pushed his head towards the door, squinting his eyes as usual, and a contempt of eyes waiting for the situation to develop further. After opening the door, if the person who came in walked in very loudly, the Tibetan mastiff would use low, thick, infinite penetrating, gently whining, warned people to come to someone else's house to speak, Don't be too high! This kind of light voice can suddenly make those who are linked suddenly polite. There is such a legend about the Tibetan mastiff that if the shepherd encounters a heavy snowstorm, cattle and sheep are exhausted due to the cold and lack of grass. When people can't support them because of lack of grain, a lack of breastfeeding and drinking and drinking is also lacking. Tibetan mastiff, with its milk, can provide almost three or five people daily and drink. After a cold winter, the half -person Tibetan mastiff, due to its huge consumption, will be shorter. But it can still survive, and it will quickly recover. This reminds us of the camels in the desert. When the water is short of water, we can store a certain amount of water in the body's capsule for a few days. It is a miracle!
    The your favorite dog at the same time is the most expensive in your heart!
    I I wish you a good dog!

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