1 thought on “What pet is good for Emei in the "Tianlong Babu" mobile game?”

  1. Level 65 can be carried-ordinary treasure beasts: polar bear babies (internal skills), gorilla baby (balance type), Baby horse (external power)

    65 can carry Internal power type), Baihuai Wangzi (external power type), Pippi shrimp baby (balance type)
    65 can carry You can choose the internal power type babies with polar bears and babies. The balanced types that can be selected are gorilla babies and Pippi shrimp babies.
    In internal skills: The polar bear baby and the babies are a skill difference. The polar bear baby is the Xuanlei mantra, the baby is a combination of the baby, and it is recommended to choose the baby.
    Colin: The skills of gorilla babies are not good. It is recommended to choose Pippi Shrimp.
    Active technique: Blood Festival
    automatic skills: Slow and strong body loyal flaws/instant shadow
    Because this baby is mainly used to hang up and copy, it is generally chosen to choose the skill of the owner.

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