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  1. Dog fighting such a thing is not uncommon in life. Many owners do not know why dogs fight with other dogs. Some owners themselves will think that dogs should be good friends. The relationship should be a little friend. Why do you fight?
    Each dog is entering a new family and establish a hierarchical relationship with family members. The dog will think that the most fierce person at home is the leader (usually the male host) For the second (hostess), the third (child) and the dog itself is the last.

    The all dogs understand when they first entered the family, (why puppies like to turn their belly with you, it is a kind of germination of superiors). Dogs will see all members of your family living with it as a group, a kind of population, which is the same as the wolf group!
    This room is its site! It is also verified why the dogs are barking and irritable, and sometimes attacked people. It is to defend the site!
    Must everyone must remember! Let's also see, how can your dogs arrange everyone in your family, from its different performances on everyone, there is one thing that must be particularly listened to him, followed by some, some do not listen to There is also ignoring you at all!
    The reasons for dog fighting: Generally speaking, divided into four types: 1. Level status:
    It without seeing the two dogs, they will judge each other through body language to judge each other. Hearing the other's buttocks, turning around each other, the back of the back, the tail stood up, the back of the ears, and in a state of tension! This is the case for the male pussy.
    2. Fight for food, toys:

    The possessive desire to possess some dogs, that is, as long as other dogs in their mouths cannot be touched, they will not be able to win if they touch it. return! Just warn it!
    3. In estrus period:

    In the case of estrus bitch, many male dogs will bite and fight for fighting for rights!
    4. Jealousy and guard instinct:

    It some dogs are jealous and guardian. When you are playing, you will rush up to bite!
    The above four reasons are the accurate cause of fighting between dogs! So when the owner encounters the dog and bite and beat directly, you must handle it carefully and not blindly participate!

  2. Generally, when you are fighting for food or playing, I do n’t know that the severity causes anger. In fact, any animal will fight between the same kind. This is a normal phenomenon.

  3. Some dog fights are just a fight with the playmate. When you fight, you don't have to worry about the dog's injury, but some dog fights are really not pleasing to each other. This is likely to bite each other. Essence

  4. Because dogs also have the language of dogs, they also conflict for some things, so dogs and dogs will fight. Sometimes they fight, they are actually joking.

  5. 狗和狗打架有好多原因:害怕,打闹,玩乐,当两只公狗或多只公狗,对同一只母狗感兴趣时,就会打架,谁也不相让,谁打得过谁,谁It's amazing.

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