4 thoughts on “What is the dog's suddenly drinking water?”

  1. Everyone who raises dogs knows that dogs do not drink too much daily drinking water. If it is not because the weather is too hot or the dogs drink a lot of water and drink frequently after exercise, then it is likely to suggest that the dog's body has several problems, and the pet owner must not be careless.
    Ishi: Dogs have a cold when they catch a cold, and they will drink a lot of water when they catch a cold. Symptoms such as inflammation, tonsil inflammation, and hot body are caused by colds. After the dog has a cold, it is the same. It will relieve their discomfort by drinking a lot of water.
    I hints 2: Drinking a large amount of water with hyperthyroidism may suggest that the dog suffers from hyperthyroidism. The full name of hyperthyroidism is "thyroid function hyperthyroidism". After the dog suffers from hyperthyroidism, the body will perform high -speed metabolism, which is easy to lose a large amount of body fluids. The body is often in a state of lack of water and thirst.
    I hints 3: If you have a pus in the uterus, if the bitch suddenly drinks a lot of water, at the same time, there is poor appetite, the vulva is secreted by the vulva, and the spirit is gradually sluggish. It may suggest that it suffers from pus in the uterus and needs surgical treatment as soon as possible.
    I hint four: Diabetes dogs will have three highs and diabetes like people. Drinking a lot of water may also suggest that the dog has diabetes. Diet is unhealthy, often eating sweets, and obesity may cause dogs to suffer from diabetes.
    I hinting five: If you eat too salty dogs, if you drink a lot of water, you may also suggest that the dog eats too much food or snacks with high salt, so that the dog's throat is very uncomfortable, the sodium ion in the body increases, and the increase in sodium ions in the body increases. , Body cells feel a serious lack of water. Therefore, it is best not to choose high -salt snacks such as potato chips for dogs, and try to choose a healthy and delicious snacks like goat cheese to give dogs as snacks and game rewards.
    I hints 6: After suffering from kidney failure, the dog will increase the demand for drinking water. When the kidney failure is severe, the dog will be in danger of life. If you want to protect the health of the dog's kidneys, you must choose a light low salt, meat and vegetables with a reasonable natural dog food for dog food for dog food, which can help the dog care for the kidney health, eat nutrients, healthy and strong.

  2. This shows that severe water dehydration may be thirsty. So when feeding the dog, not only do you have to give him food, but also drink things to satisfy him.

  3. Edible dog food is too salty.
    This dog food is too salty to cause dogs to drink a lot of water, just like people eat salty and drink a lot of water. It is worth noting that dog food is too salty to cause dogs to drink a lot of water, but also cause the dog's kidney to be too heavy and cause disease!

  4. There may be hyperthyroidism to the hospital for examination, or dog food is salty, and the amount of exercise will increase and drink more water.

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