1 thought on “How to feed the dog fat”

  1. 1. When the dogs are 4 or 5 months old, mix a raw egg in dog food every morning and evening.
    2, 4-7 months of 4-7 months, 2 or two of the dogs (if you eat more meat, you will be deficient in calcium), it is best to be lean meat. Cooked meat is not as fat as raw meat.
    3, except for dog food to give dogs a snack every day (not dog snacks), such as: virgin fruit (small tomatoes), oranges, apples, pears, tofu, etc. Don't repeat, regulate the dog's stomach, basically do not absorb dogs with problems. Don't believe that dog food is the only choice. Even if you change more food, even if you eat the same instant noodles every day, you will have no appetite.

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