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  1. If the dog has a cold cold, such as flowing nose, sneezing, cough, etc., you can feed Azithromycin, nickee or amoxicillin, but it must be a dog -specific drug; It is necessary to go to pet hospital for treatment in time. The fastest way is infusion.
    It can choose some cold granules used by children. Generally, take half a bag at a time. Children take a cold granules, and their medicinal properties are generally milder, and dogs will not have problems with dogs. (Of course, if you are not sure, it is best to consult the veterinarian to pull the veterinarian before choosing a cold.)
    If it is determined that the pet dog is a viral cold. Then it is necessary to choose some oral solutions for anti -cold viruses, take 1 one every day, and take it twice a day. (Of course, you should also consult the veterinarian first.) You can also choose "Amoxicin" to take orally. According to the 10 kilograms of pet dogs with a weight of about 100 mg, you can feed the dog for about 100 mg. Take it a week in a row and eat 2-3 times a day.
    The American Pet Research Association confirmed that drinking more chicken soup has a wonderful effect on the treatment of colds. So you can feed some delicious chicken soup for a cold pet dog. In addition, you can also feed some radish, drink ginger soup, brown sugar tea, eat less salt, and mix some honey in dog food appropriately. This is helpful to treat dogs with a cold.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. I have also raised Alaska, and it has been ten months now!
    friends, take the liberty and ask, did you have a vaccine and deworming?
    coughing and runny nose, not simple or cold! First of all, you have to see how the dog's mental condition is? What is the appetite? Rasal mirrors dry and wet? Do you have to pull vomiting? The most important point you measure the body temperature of the dog!
    The early symptoms of dog plague are like this! Be careful ....
    The fever and cough, runny nose, tears, like a cold. This may be bronchitis or canine plague.
    If it is bronchitis:
    ammonium chloride: bronchitis, bronchitis, sputum 100mg / kg, 2 times / day, oral n potassium iodide: chronic bronchitis 1-2g / time, 1-2g / time, Oral
    Chuanbei Loquat syrup: cough 10-120ml / time, orally, 2-3 times / day
    During the treatment of bronchitis, you better buy a test strip of canine plague to prevent 10 one! If the weak positive may be a cold, if the situation is worse during the treatment, the temperature of the accompaniment increases, and nausea and vomiting, then you must suspect that the canine plague is, and go to the hospital quickly!
    By the way, send you a little early, medium and late symptoms of you canine plague:
    The main symptoms:
    1, early stage: the dog's expression of the eyes and nose water samples, the body temperature is as high as 40 degrees Celsius, which lasts 2 Around the sky, the sick dog seemed to improve, eat a little, close to normal temperature. Then the secondary body temperature rose for several weeks. At this time, the respiratory and gastrointestinal expression was more obvious. This situation generally maintains between 1-2 weeks
    2 and mid -term: As the second body temperature increases, the condition further deteriorates, and various types of bacteria infections are more serious. Good times and bad, the nose and eye secretions increase to pus, and the corners of the mouth erosion. There are many symptoms of cough, bronchitis, and pneumonia, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. occur from time to time, loss of appetite or not eating at all, and the body gradually lose weight. This situation generally lasts more than January.
    3, late stage: conquer with neurological symptoms. In addition to the symptoms of the mid -term, the dogs occasionally have neurological symptoms, manifestation of withered, muscle pain, muscle paroxysmal spasm, balance disorders, circles, epilepsy, and coma. Generally, this symptom is maintained 1 —The weeks of dogs will die. In the middle and late stages of the skin, pimples, pimples, etc. on the skin of the sick dog or the inside of the stock.
    ======================================= ===================
    Id you to test your body temperature for the dog, and then take the time to buy a test paper tomorrow! In the early days of dog plague, it is very similar to a cold, beware of it! Initial treatment can be treated according to the bronchial treatment I give you above!

  3. rn 西部高地白梗rn 我们人会感冒流涕,狗狗也同样会伤风感冒,只是有的狗狗身体素质比较好,所以过几天也就自动好了,但是对于那些In terms of physical constitution, we should treat them in time to avoid dragging minor illnesses into major illnesses. But what kind of medicine when the dog has a cold, can we feed us medicine like ourselves?
    Strictly speaking, human medicine and animal medicine are not the same, because dogs are different from human body structure, so some medicines do not have much effect. The dog's cold also indicates that there is inflammation in the body. In order to eliminate inflammation, we can take them orally amoxicillin, and feed the dogs at a standard of about 100 mg according to the standard of 10 kilograms of pet dogs to achieve the effect of eliminating inflammation.
    If the dog has a cold with cough symptoms, we can go to the pet hospital with some resumed oral solution to eat the dog. It's just that if the dog has a cold, we can't treat it as a minor illness. This is because the early symptoms of the canine plague, small or coronary virus are the same as cold. Therefore, in order to exclude these three infectious diseases, it is best to go to a pet hospital for testing and exclude these three possibilities.
    What medicine to take a cold is not something we can decide casually. The medicine we use is not necessarily useful for dogs. This may be delayed. An peace of mind, if it is really one of the three infectious diseases, it can be treated in time.

  4. Cough = upper respiratory tract is infected. Eliminate penicillin (800,000 units) a week every day. Cooperate with a Kangtaik (every day). Injecting skills: Pull the fur on the back of the left hand. Injection under the skin. It is not muscle.

  5. My dog ​​is also a cold cough and sneezing ~ You give him and Banlangen every day ~
    and eat amoxicillin (it is anti -inflammatory) once a day. Mu Shutan (expectorant) 5 ml 3 times a day. Twenty -days a day for a few days a day ~~ If you have any symptoms, I have eaten this if you have any symptoms ~~

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