4 thoughts on “Why are some people afraid of stray dogs, but they still have pet dogs?”

  1. In this society, more and more people like to raise a pet dog at home, especially those young people who live alone. The reason why I like to raise pet dogs is because many people are afraid of loneliness and can not find people to accompany them, so it is also a good choice to accompany animals. When you go home, your pet dog will welcome you at the door. You will feel healing at that moment, and the fatigue of a day is gone. However, many people who are raising pets are very afraid of wandering puppies. They see them all far away. Why is this? Let me tell you my opinion!
    . Stray dogs
    In fact, our young people are not disliked stray dogs. Even if it is dirty, even a leg or less eyes, we will not dislike it because of this they. The most important thing is that the stray dog ​​will hurt himself, and then he is afraid that it will transmit the disease on your body, especially the rabies. Once the infection is infected, the mortality rate reaches 100 %, which is very scary. When we encounter a stray dog, we still don't want to contact them, we must be responsible for our safety.
    . Pet dogs
    The pet dogs raised by our own home are regularly vaccinated, so there are almost no viruses on them, we can rest assured that they play with them. Like my home, there is a poodle, and even every month I send it to pet shops regularly. Of course, if the pet dog hurts us, we still have to go to the hospital to get rabies vaccine and so on.
    In general, people who raise pet dogs are afraid of stray dogs. I believe that most of the pet dogs are caring. They will give them some delicious food when they meet stray dogs. Things, even providing them with a good residence. If you don't like puppy, then please don't hurt them because they also have life. Hope my answer is helpful to you! Thanks!

  2. Fear of stray dogs, that is, these dogs are not managed to bite people. Pet dogs are empty in their hearts. They think that it is better to relieve a mood, that's it.

  3. These people are not afraid of dogs but are afraid of dirty. Of course, stray dogs are dirty and dirty cannot be compared with clean and cute pet dogs, and stray dogs may have a lot of germs.

  4. Mainly, they feel that there are many bacteria on stray dogs, which are particularly dirty, and their personalities will be more violent.

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