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  1. Then I suggest you transport it empty, you can ask your friends and relatives to help you send it to the airport to check, or you first transport the dog to the time, let you go to the airport to receive you in that province, because you are your that is your own. It is a cross -provincial, so the best air transportation, fast, just waste more money. If you like your pets, you will not care about these hundreds of yuan. The train delivery time is too long and it is not suitable for pets. Worried that it is thirsty and hungry. Time will cause the health problems of pets.
    I list the following points, you can refer to.
    1. Preparation of packaging: You need to use a dedicated plastic. Aviation box, home iron pet cage is not qualified.
    2. Quarantine preparation: The airport will ask you to take your pet to quarantine, the simple fee is 20--30 yuan. r n3. Preparation on time: After selecting the flight, you should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance, otherwise you may not be able to keep up with the boarding. You must not be able to get on board. , Hot weather, poor ventilation, etc., will cause damage to pets.
    4. Freight: Domestic air transport, average 9.2 yuan/kg (Beijing-Shanghai)
    5. If you do n’t take the opportunity at the same time, you only let the pets fly alone. After the plane takes off, notify the pick -up order number (faxed transportation).

  2. See if your dog is a large dog or a small dog,
    If it is a large dog
    There are also immune proofs.
    It is best to buy a cage to put it in the dog.
    But you still have to find someone at the station.
    In the plane, I never tried it

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