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  1. Many novice pet friends will ask questions for dogs to take a bath, and the most question is whether they can use people's shower gel for dogs. In fact, the suggestion of this question is best not to do it. We can see a lot of dogs special shower gel on a certain treasure and a cat. So how to choose a suitable shower gel among many brands?

    The border shepherd (detail introduction)

    What kind of shower gel is better? This does not have a fixed answer to give you a reference. Although there are many brands and styles of dog shower gel, strictly speaking, bath gels that are suitable for dog skin characteristics are most suitable for it. Therefore, no matter what brand of dog shower gel, as parents, they should choose the appropriate dog shower gel based on the characteristics of the dog's skin and hair texture (just like humans choose a bath gel, if the skin is dry, you can choose to moisturize Shower gel).
    For pet dogs, if you are infected with fleas, you can choose to remove flea -type shower gel, for example: Vets Best green cross natural lice fleas and fleas are easy to wash the fragrance waves; Better gel with better effect, for example: Coniner puppies BB milk four -in -one pet gel 500ml moisturizing dog fragrance. Note that you should pay special attention to choosing shower gel for dogs. It is not the most expensive shower gel, but the best suitable for dogs.

  2. Dogs have dedicated fragrances. It is best not to use people. Dogs of dogs are different from us, and the acid and alkali degree are different.

  3. As long as it is dedicated to pets, of course, it is divided into 3,6,9, etc., but as long as they are dedicated, they are better than people. Dogs are different from human acid and alkali, so they cannot be used by humans. If you think it is more troublesome to buy pets for pets, you can use Johnson

  4. You can use the detergent of the dishes ~
    not bad money, you can buy the top of the brand, the top of the brand, Ober, etc. ~ The skin is healthy

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