3 thoughts on “What are the characteristics of dogs on the week”

  1. The characteristics of the dogs on the week will be the following:
    1, the eyes have abnormal secretions.
    2, the pad of the dog's forelimbs is hot and dry; the body temperature is abnormal.
    3, the nose is dry, and the mouth is secretion.

    4, the body is dyed. Bad merchants will sell dogs after dyeing dogs.
    5, the tail of the sick dog is down. The healthy puppy's tail swing freely, usually upward.

    6. If the puppy's anus is very dirty, it means that the puppy has diluted symptoms. A healthy puppy anal is clean and not red and swollen.
    7. The hair color of the sick dog will be messy and unlucky. The healthy puppy is like a clean color, and the hair is not upright. The back is shiny, tight, and the skin is smooth and elastic.
    The so -called "week dog" refers to the puppy bought from the dog traffickers on the roadside. When I bought it, I was very spiritual, lively and cute, but I asked problems at most 7 days, such as vomiting, cough, blood in the stool, severe or even death.
    Is when choosing a dog, it is best to buy it at a special pet store, keep the purchase voucher, and go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive inspection in time after purchasing.
    It is recommended to replace purchases with adoption to reduce the disorderly reproduction of bad businesses.

  2. On the week, the dog is a stimulant to the diseased dog, and then it is sold quickly at a low price, which often can't live for a week.
    When I saw it in the dog market, it was very lively. This is the role of stimulants.
    This will start to sting without more than one day.

  3. "Week Dogs" generally have these characteristics, and novice to buy dogs should pay special attention!

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