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  1. The north of the public administrative service center of Shahekou District
    The pet market in the public administrative service center of Shahekou District, Zhongshan Park, Dalian. When buying dogs, you can pull the dog out of the cage to see how the dog's physical fitness and sports ability. Try to choose those puppies with a lively personality.
    Ilinating pets in the pet market. If it is too introverted and timid puppy, there may be potential diseases in the body. On the other hand, it will be difficult to domesticate after a long time. Therefore Observe, avoid dog problems.
    Extension information:
    Is when buying pets in the Dalian pet market, you must depend on whether there is a regular business license. If it is a pet clinic, see if you have the corresponding veterinarian license and other procedures. When buying pet dogs, the store should be required to show the pet immune injection certificate.
    It also indicate the species of pets, age, gender, hair color, pet hospital phone, veterinarian signature and seal in the corresponding column. If you find that the pets purchased do not match the proof of the store, you must buy it carefully.
    In addition to the pet market, the hygiene of the pet dog shop should be observed in the pet market. Check whether the other pets sold are lively, observe whether the excrement is dealt with in time, whether there is a diluted condition to avoid being deceived.

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