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  1. Husky (details introduction)
    The dogs will lose a lot of hair when changing the season. At this time, the home is almost contaminated with hair. What about Mao Mao? I will teach you a few ways.
    . Clear water -saving hair removal method
    Matonal fiber clothes are particularly prone to pet hair. If there is no hair removal tool on the body, you don’t need to worry. The hair is cleaned. The method is very simple. First, soak your hand in the tap water, and then gently rub on the clothes with your hands. The pet hair on the clothes is easily sticking to your hand. This method is too easy.
    . Old stockings -make the combing teeth clean
    Since the comb is used for a long time, it will accumulate the hair and dust of the pet, so it is the best way to prevent it before using the comb. As long as the old stockings are cut down at the bottom of the comb, after using it for a period of time, you can remove the hair and dust in one fell swoop, which can be easily saved. You can also use rubber bands to fix the stockings on the comb. It is more convenient to use.
    . The dust removal tool
    It clean the pet hair on the bed and the sofa, use soap, wash the spirit and clean the surface of the rubber tube with soap, and use it to use it after drying.
    . Wide tape -Simple cleaning supplies
    If there is no special hair removal comb in the home, you can replace it with wide tape. The method is as follows: Cut off a wide tape about 10 cm, the rubber is wrapped out of the hand, pressed on the clothes with pet hair with your hands, and the hair was sticking to the tape. On one side is full of changes to the other side, repeat the above steps until the surface of the tape is completely lost.

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