My dog ​​is almost 8 months old, and when I see strangers, I do n’t call, and I wo n’t call at home. What is the reason? Dogs born in the same nest will be called

My dog ​​is almost 8 months old, and when I see strangers, I do n’t call, and I wo n’t call at home. What is the reason?
Is born in the same nest will be called, at least you can see it. My dog ​​has never been called once. Is there any way to train dog barking?

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  1. Four methods of attacking puppies
    Talking about dog raising, one of the reasons for many people's opposition to raising dogs at home is that some of them are difficult to change. For example, some aggressive dog breeds are easy to bite others, and dogs often barking can easily affect the normal rest of neighbors. Few difficult. Here are a few training methods.
    1. Change the dog's bite habit
    Although dogs are the best friends of human beings, they still bite when they have mental stress or fear. If the owner thinks that the puppy bites people to condonate it with the owner, when the dog grows up, it will think that he is the strong side. At this time, if it is not strictly added, this will develop a bad habit of biting people.

    Is to bite the owner of the dog, first of all, it is necessary to reprimand it in time and severe. Even if it is a small dog, its teeth are also very sharp, which is very dangerous for the owner. It must change its bite habit as soon as possible. After bite people, you can support
    The jaws to reprimand, or roll the magazine into a tube into the floor to intimidate it. These are very effective ways. After the owner was reprimanded, the dog would be quiet when he was frightened. At this time, he should praise it well.

    If your dog likes to bite strangers, you can eliminate the dog's fear of the dog with the help of a friend. You can let your friends feed food for dogs, and let it see that the food is handed to a friend from the owner. This can make
    The understand that this person is trusted by the owner, not a dangerous person. After the dog eats the food feeded by friends, the two people must praise it together, so that it can gradually get used to contact with strangers.
    2. Change the dog's barking habit
    If the dog always screams, it must be severely reprimanded. First of all, you can raise the traction rope and give the dog a severe warning, and then you can lift your dog's chin and tell it that it cannot be screamed. Don't forget, if the dog stops barking after the reprimand, he must praise it to the good words such as "good, really good, good children".
    3. Change the dog fly to the evil habit

    The puppy who likes to jump to the owner, will also rush to other people in parks, streets and other places. There is no malicious, but it will still scare and even hurt others. If your dog really causes
    damage to others, you have to bear all responsibility. Therefore, we must let it change the bad habits that like people who like to flutter. You can play with the puppy in a stomach, or pull its back foot when the dog stands up.
    It worth noting is that the smell of dog smell is a kind of behavior, and their behavior is acceptable; however, if they rush up or stand up to sniff the smell of people, they should be strictly intensified. blame.
    4. Change the dog to bite evil habits.
    It while the dog is still young, you must fully show the authority of the owner. It is difficult to change this habit.
    The owner should accurately distinguish between bite and coquettishness. When the dog takes the initiative to bite the owner's hand, it must be blamed, even gently patting it, signaling that this is an improper behavior. But if it just licks the master's hand with its tongue, this is a coquettish manifestation to express intimate. If the dogs who are sure at this moment are coquettish, they do not have to blame it.

    The dog training dogs and good dogs do not eat "street" food
    Id pet owners should look at their dogs, teach them to refuse food, and also make appeal to the society. I hope this The cruel behavior no longer happens, letting people live in harmony with small animals.

    has a allusion in China called "starving to death and eating", which is used to describe people with bones. No one is so complicated. Crooked oath. Maybe you will feel that you need to face the bad guy
    and the police and dogs of the gangsters need to learn the skills. In fact, the society in the society has continuously stated that pet dogs have shown that pet dogs also need to learn to refuse food. , Good dogs do not eat "street" food.
    The dog's thoughts are very simple. They definitely do n’t understand and do n’t believe that someone will deliberately feed them to toxic food. The appetite is the strong instinct of the dog. Therefore The owner needs to be patient to complete.
    The food training can be divided into two parts. One is not allowed to pick up things with the dogs, and the other is that it is not allowed to eat the food fed by strangers. We will introduce the training methods to you.
    Forbidden dogs to pick up food anywhere
    The dogs are lively and curious. When you go out and walk the dog, it will always smell it on the ground. Don't eat. This situation is extremely common in pet dogs.
    The food scattered on the food street is very dangerous. First of all, even if it is clean and non -toxic food, it will become dirty after dropping the streets. In addition, many foods have deteriorated. I will be sick.
    The non -toxic food is still the case, let alone the toxic foods, let alone mention it. The rats scattered on the streets and the dog poisonous food thrown by bad people are the killer that seriously threatened the dog's life.

    This training method
    Is "no"
    when you take a dog for a walk, if you find that the dog wants to pick up food, the owner will immediately criticize it: "NO, no!" At the same time, he tugged the dog belt, and you could lightly hit the dog's mouth with your fingers to stop the dog's behavior in time. If the dog can show the food that ignores the food, the owner should encourage the dog in time, can praise it with a gentle tone, and stroke it kindly.
    When the dog picks up food, the owner's stop should be timely, the criticism of the criticism should be short and strong, and the criticism of the dogs will make the dog mistakenly think that you are encouraging it. Paying a dog with a dog should pay attention to it. For dogs with strong appetite reflection, they can be slightly harder. In addition, praise the dogs must be timely.
    is worth the owner to pay attention to it. Refusing training should start with usual bit. When the owner feeds the dog food, do not let the dog eat the food on the ground, and do not give the dog the habit of picking up food from the ground.
    For a dog with good training well, after several training, it will receive the effect. But the dog's appetite is a very strong desire. For dogs with strong appetite reflection, dogs with poor training foundations, the owner can use a special sugar -coated artillery shell while training the above methods.

    The sugar and clothing shells
    In order to ensure that the training is not disturbed, the first place with less pedestrians and less interference. The dog owner wants to ask a friend to put some meat pieces soaked with chili oil on the ground, or meat pieces with pepper. The owner passes by the dog, and the dog will be spicy and uncomfortable when the dog eats chili meat. In this way, the dogs that are greedy will also be memorable.
    Master attention:
    This dipped in the chili pieces with broth, so that the smell of the pepper is covered, otherwise, the dog will not be fooled when the dog smells the taste of peppers.
    The "gift" of rejection strangers
    It to see lively and cute puppies, people will like to add, and to feed it some snacks by the way, it is also common, but for the sake of hygiene and safety, let the dogs make the dogs It is necessary to refuse the food of a stranger.

    This training method
    . Be a good child who refuses to corrode and never sticks. The above method stops the dog, and the behavior of the dog's stop eating is encouraged in a timely manner.
    If the dog can refuse the food of strangers when the owner is present, then you can perform further food training. The owner was hidden, so that the dog could not see himself. At the same time, he used a dog with a dog with a dog, and then asked friends to feed the dog to eat. If the dog wants to eat, the owner shouted "No, no!" At the same time, he pulled the dog rope and stopped the dog.
    Master attention:
    The rejection training for the owner is not present 2-3 times a continuous training. If the dog does not eat, the stranger will leave immediately, and the owner comes out of the hidden place to praise the dog.
    The owner can choose a few more friends to help training. If you always let a friend help, the dog will feel that it is that the person's food cannot be eaten, so that the effect of refusing food will not be available.
    The refusal is a difficult training, which takes a long time to consolidate the effect. At the same time, the training effect of refusing food has a lot to do with the quality of the dog. For some dogs with strong appetite reflection, refusal training often takes longer. , Still adhere to the training, as long as the kung fu is deep, the iron pestle is grinded into a needle.
    The first, the puppy must be hungry first, because only food is his most unbearable temptation. Other means, such as praise, applause, etc., are people who tease themselves.
    It, the trained puppy must put on the neck circle. During training, you can use food to seduce the puppy with one hand, holding the neck circle with one hand, so that the dog stands with hind legs.
    It, accurate and timely food. Ordering is the term of the beast training, which means feeding. Once the puppy does a right action, it will give it to the capital to encourage it immediately.
    The fourth, fixed password. Can't say "stand" for a while, and then say "don't get up". The dog's interest is all eaten, and it has no energy to distinguish your changeable password.
    Fifth, you can teach circles and make time after standing. When teaching the circle, people can use food to draw circles above the dog's head. When teaching, people taught it to make it actions with their hands. No matter what the dogs do, the owner should keep thinking about passwords.

    The note the following points:
    1. The best age for trained puppies is between half years old and one year old. Puppy intelligence has not developed before one year old. Dogs have developed some problems and personalities, which will cause difficulties in training.
    2. The best time to train puppies is noon or afternoon every day, at which time it often appetizers. The training time is enough every day. When training, be careful not to feed too much food. Once it has food in its belly, you should not listen to the training. Pay attention to rest during training.
    3. Although the understanding of different dogs is different, the dogs are just like people, like people, and there are places in smart places. Although running dogs such as spots can be trained, it is really difficult to stand and make it. On the contrary, although Jingba is "stupid", it is suitable for practicing these actions. Generally, you can learn to stand for a day and two days. Smart dogs can learn to do it for a week.
    4. The owner must have patience (it is to practice your face for you!), you can't pull the seedlings to promote it, you can't rush to achieve success. But when you encounter a puppy laziness, you must not be on it, you have to start with his face, slap his butt, and knock on its head.
    5. Once the puppy learns these actions, it can't forget it in a lifetime. Because it knows that this action is delicious!

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