Find a single -machine game of simulated business

There are several streets, pedestrians on the streets, schools, factories, etc., houses have wooden houses, apartments, etc. to villas. The house will be wrapped in vines and needs to be unblocked by the magician.

5 thoughts on “Find a single -machine game of simulated business”

  1. Minimal game: restaurant tycoon, virtual city, farm tycoon leisure creation: spore, simulation life, miracle restaurant, simulation restaurant, fairy sword inn, hundred ghost night banquets, Chinese ben for business: zoo tycoon, roller coaster tycoon, theme hospital, seaside carnival professional professional category : 18 rounds of large trucks, simulated aviation tower, simulated train enterprises: Industrial Tycoon, Financial Empire, Railway Tycoon, Wine Tycoon Ocean: Island Tycoon
    City National Category: Pharaoh This kind of one starts from the three of them; workers, culture, culture; Caesar Emperor, simulation city

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