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  1. An old game of "Farm Farmer's Far West", but I haven't played it before, and I am playing now. I recommend it to you. I play a ranch in it. You can hire denim and hounds to serve you. Cowboy is a basic unit. There must be. Wolves are hired when there are wolves, and the black spots fixed on the map are wolves. Long -horn cattle is the basic to make money. Cowboy is to help you raise cattle and sell money. When hiring denim, you have to see if there are parentheses behind him. If there is a decisive employment (GM), it means that the denim is good at breeding. With him, the birth rate of cattle and beef is 100 %, cool! Another one is CM or something for me ... he is good at gunfire. With him grabbing the site, you can remember the supply of soybeans, coffee, whiskey and arms at any time. Coffee is to maintain energy, whiskey is to increase courage, arms is the basic of gunfights, without military fire, your denim can only stare--. The proportion of these types of goods cannot be the same! Soy soybeans need to buy more 70 % of the warehouse before it is enough, about 20 % coffee, 5 % of whiskey is enough. What do you do n’t know how to ask me again, I am playing too, the 10th off -yes, Niu Niu has to sell it at other town to sell at high prices. At first you have no money. Buy another carriage, and then set up tracks to sell other places. Twenty or thirty are sold, and there are thousands of dollars. There is also the ash on the map that is neutral. You can sell the cow to him at a very low price. It is just for him, such as the Indians, but this is not a loss of money. If someone dares to move you, someone dares to move you You look at it, he is going to cover you, something really happens! Intersection Intersection This is Brother T T, Big Brother = =! You don't give points! Intersection Intersection

  2. Strongly stretch the pasta! You ca n’t let it go as soon as you play. You can use the NDS simulator to try the rune factory. It is Chinese voice and very kind!

  3. 小游戏:饭店大亨,虚拟城市,农场大亨rn休闲创造:孢子,模拟人生,奇迹餐厅,模拟饭店,仙剑客栈,百鬼夜宴,中华客栈rn事业类:动物园大亨,过山车大亨, Theme Hospital, Seaside Carnival
    Professional: 18 rounds of large trucks, simulated aviation tower, simulated train
    Enterprise category: Industrial Tycoon, Financial Empire, Railway Tycoon, Wine Tycoon n Marine: Island: Island Tycoon, Age 1503/1701/1404, East India Company
    City national category: Pharaoh, Zeus, Dragon's Rise -It is recommended to play with these three from them; City

  4. I will introduce you a "Farm Overlord -Far West" I am playing with you. I think it is good. Cowboy helps you to raise cattle. You have to give them food, food with soybeans, coffee, and whiskey. Soy soybeans are basic foods, which are related to morale. Coffee is inseparable from energy. Donalt without energy, don't say that you can fight with others, you can't support the cow--. You can get rich by yourself, slowly raise cattle and sell them. It is very cheap to sell in this city. Another way to send a home is that as soon as you enter the game, you will fill the denim, buy a sufficient arms, rob the ranch, and win the cow to return to you. It was seven months every month, and it lost to death earlier. I wish you a happy play (handle with hand)

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