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  1. In the order, the currency distribution is distributed at the market price of international transactions. It is 80 days closed. After 80 days, it can be traded at any time on the FOSCOIN Fokcoin International Digital Currency Trading Platform. 2 (1) Dynamic bonus, daily salary and daily. The 70%prize is with the transfer of heaven to account (cash VISA), which can purchase (Fochan International Trading Market) Fox coins, with a closed period of 80 days.
    (2) 20%enter the futures foreign exchange market. At the beginning of 20%, the investment amount reaches the investment amount as a reinstate, and re -calculates all the bonuses.
    4.foscoin has an international open source code and can be opened! Interchange with Bitcoin and Litecoin, mutual
    5 coins according to the market price of the international digital currency trading market
    6.fosvoin company has foreign exchange transactions, options, futures transactions, and certificate papers. n7 FOSCOIN FOSCOIN opening price is 1.2 yuan/
    foscoin (Fokcoin) can appreciate? Fakecoin is different from other virtual currencies. It can be used to buy stocks, futures, foreign exchange, and can be exchanged for legal currencies such as USD, yen, euro, and pounds. Shopping and travel. The capital market is a place where money is accumulated, and the daily capital flow is more than $ 5 billion. The use of Fokcoin settlement currency provides fast and convenient exchange services for investors in the capital market. Reduce the cost of remittances of investors. At the same time, the liquidity and value -added of Foxcoin have also been completed. Fakecoin uses its own advantages to create unmotished business models. It is bound to enable Foxcoin to quickly realize the use of capital markets in the world, and the potential for appreciation is huge.

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