Can Beijing companies buy a house, can I buy 70 years of property rights?

Another company in my name, now I want to buy a house in the name of a company. Can I buy a house of 70 years of property rights?

4 thoughts on “Can Beijing companies buy a house, can I buy 70 years of property rights?”

  1. If the Beijing company's buying a house belongs to personal property rights, it can reach a 70 -year -old property rights. for reference.

  2. You can buy, depending on the local policy, what information you need to provide, generally company information, legal person information.

  3. I am very happy to answer your questions:
    The first thing to say is that the company can buy 70 years of property rights. Next, Zhonglongcheng Financial Xiaobian will introduce the relevant policies of the company's house to buy a house in detail.
    The purchase restriction policy for house purchase:
    1. Mainland companies are not restricted to purchase housing in Beijing (except for government companies with Hong Kong capital or no business license); Except for enterprises that are engaged in real estate), non -residential houses needed to purchase office in this city;
    3, individual industrial and commercial households have paid individual industrial and commercial household taxes in this city for 5 consecutive years (inclusive). (Including new commercial housing and second -hand housing), only the operator (or family member) real estate certificate can be issued.
    4. It should be noted that the company cannot loan a house (a small window for specific solutions).
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