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  1. "My World" can identify how the currency automatic sales machine is produced "My World" to identify the currency fully automatic sales mechanism for the currency. Making "My World" can identify the information of the Raiders of the Raiders of the Raiders of the Raiders of the Currency. Making "My World" can identify the Raiders of the Raiders of the Raiders of the Raiders of the Currency Full Automatically. An automatic vending machine, but it is not clear how to let the vending machine automatically identify the currency, which can cause things to buy things in the end. Today, I will share with you a "My World" explained "My World" to identify the full -automatic sales mechanism of currency. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    The items required:
    3 funnel, 2 boxes, 1 transmitter, 6 red stone, 1 comparator, 1 transmitter, 18 currency you want to set, 4 different survival models you want to set It is difficult to get items and several blocks.
    The production process:
    . First, make the box and funnel as shown in Figure 1.

    This. Introduce the role of each container in Figure 1:
    ① For players to place items
    ② prevent the player from stealing things
    ③ if you invest in fake currency The box is confiscated
    ④ This is not much to say. The most important container
    ⑤ The income is in this box
    . Then give each container number on the graph. We make the ④ container as shown in Figure 2.

    Note that the first slot is currency, which can be set as wooden stone or something. Here is temporarily set to emerald.
    2, 3, 4, and 5 slots are the items that cannot be obtained by the survival mode, not necessarily the head.
    It if you want to buy a currency, you can buy things, put the first slot 18, and a total of 4 other slots.
    It if you want to steal two currencies, you can buy things, and put the first slot 17, and there are 5 other grooves. Push.
    three, then put into the look shown in Figure 3. Put a lot of goods in the transmitter.

    . It is covered like Figure 4, and a fully automatic vending machine is completed!

    The usage:
    The currency in the top box, and set a few of them.
    Then the transmitter can spit the goods.
    Puven should be blocked. Otherwise, others may steal.
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