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  1. HEM Ying [HEM] Beauty [hɛm] n. edge, edge; folded edge vt. Siege; give ... gesture edge vi. Make a pleated edge [Past HEMMED Past Word Hemming now Hemming]

    uneven hem shirts are uneven; unevenness of the feet; ravioli on the bottom of the bottom; ; Xiawei
    side hem side roll edge
    hem marker feet marker
    s hem cloth steamed bun
    Blind HEM dark line to pick your feet; Folding edge

    The phrase of the word group
    hem and haw.
    margin, rim
    vt. Siege; give ... sewing edge
    case, invest

    titic synonym
    n. , Rim
    vt. Siege; Give ... sewing
    case, invest

    the bound the hem of the dress with a ruffle.
    For women's border.

    the hem of her skirt was nipped in the door of the lift.
    . Her skirt was sandwiched by the elevator door.

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