Shen Teng has always said on the show that his waist is not good. What's going on with his waist?

5 thoughts on “Shen Teng has always said on the show that his waist is not good. What's going on with his waist?”

  1. Shen Teng's waist is not good. It is a well -known thing for his fans. Not only everyone in the fan entertainment industry knows that Shen Teng's waist is not good, and some people have compiled RAP. Essence In fact, Shen Teng's waist is not good because of osteoporosis. From the Zhejiang Satellite TV variety show "Ace to Ace" from the Zhejiang Satellite TV variety show, isn't it a time to do games or be punished when he is required to hold Jia Ling. Shen Teng will show a bitter smile. Because the waist was not good, and Jia Ling's weight was hugged, Shen Teng might go home again to rub the medicine.
    Mas don't look at Teacher Shen Teng's funny look. In fact, when Teacher Shen Teng was young, he was also a military school grass that was not accepted by few people. It's just that the years are the peak of the killing of the pig knife, and the face value of Teacher Shen Teng can no longer go back. I remember Teacher Shen Teng revealed in a interview program that when he was young, he came out at night because he was inspired, so he had to sleep overnight. , Waist will not be good. It is also warned that we should not stay up late, and we must expose the sun to supplement calcium. This is good for health.
    In 2015, Teacher Shen Teng participated in the first season of "Happy Comedy" program that allowed Teacher Shen Teng to have some popularity and fans. He and Ma Li's comedy movie "Charlotte Trouble" was released. This movie rarely made publicity at the time, and it was accumulated by word of mouth. There are no well -known film and television stars, and the final box office is 1.441 billion yuan. This made Teacher Shen Teng completely fire. The psychological activities of Charlotte's life several times were vividly performed, which made the audience feel that Teacher Shen Teng was Charlotte himself.
    The entertainment industry has shifted from the stage to the big screen. There are very few people who have developed from the big screen. After some people have achieved certain achievements on the stage, he will not want to break through himself, but Teacher Shen Teng is different. Not only can he develop well on the stage, he has also found a place on the screen. This spirit is worth learning from each of us.

  2. Shen Teng has always said in the show that his waist is not good. His waist is severely injured in his waist because of some difficult movements of often filming, so he cannot do some big movements.

  3. Shen Teng's waist is an old problem, because he is a military person, of course, he has learned dance when he was young, which is inevitable that his waist sprains, and as he age, his waist fault is revealed.

  4. Shen Teng's waist injury was caused by too much workload, which was caused by old problems. In order not to delay recording programs, Shen Teng tried to cooperate as much as possible. Shen Teng's waist is also a manifestation of his dedication.

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