A man in Henan woke up and found that the bank card was transferred more than 70,000. Who turned his money?

5 thoughts on “A man in Henan woke up and found that the bank card was transferred more than 70,000. Who turned his money?”

  1. After 10 o'clock every night, I believe most people have entered the dreamland and are doing sweet dreams. But for Mr. Zhang in Henan, he is his nightmare after 10 o'clock every night. The reason why Mr. Zhang's nightmare is because the money on his bank card was left between 10 and 11 pm.
    Is when Mr. Zhang paid a financial software through mobile phone software, he suddenly found that there were more than 10,000 yuan on his bank card, and now there are only more than 300 yuan. Mr. Zhang immediately checked his payment record and printed his bank flow. Who knows not to check or not know, and a check -up, Mr. Zhang found that his bank card was transferred one after another, a total of 70,000. This situation made Mr. Zhang confused, because Mr. Zhang did not perform the transfer of transfer at all.
    The first skepticism was his wife. Because every night, only his wife is around. His mobile phones and bank cards have also been around him, and there is also a face recognition or a mobile phone of the party to operate various transfers. Mr. Zhang did not find any prompt text messages on his mobile phone, so he suspected that his wife deleted the relevant SMS. Moreover, his wife lost a lot of money in the previous financial management process. Because she wanted to give a lesson for his wife, Mr. Zhang did not pay her money.
    But then the wife wrote a guarantee in the police station to ensure that she did not transfer money in the money in Mr. Zhang's bank card. Therefore, Mr. Zhang transferred his goal to the financial platform. Through the survey of the platform, this model was not taken away because of the platform, but he did not give Mr. Zhang a substantial evidence. So Mr. Zhang will follow the legal procedure and sue the financial platform.
    The netizens commented after seeing this news, thinking that Mr. Zhang's wife must have a big suspicion. After all, the bank party has verified that it is not stolen, and the login password also belongs to the face recognition.

  2. A man in Henan woke up and found that the bank card was transferred to more than 70,000. When Mr. Zhang didn't know it, his 70,000 yuan was transferred. The common points of these two strokes were from 10.30 to 11 pm to 11 pm. The time operation is transferred through JD financial transfer. Netizens suspected that his wife did it, because bank cards generally reminded SMS that the time span of borrowing money was almost half a month.

  3. Now who is transferred to the money is still investigating, but the platform said that it is not because of their reasons, so the police have now investigated the matter.

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