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  1. It should be a member. I do n’t know if I ’m regular and wrong. Because I have never heard of this.
    It, I still feel Zhongbao. Rong gold is regular.
    It you can go and see!

  2. Choosing a precious metal trading platform is the first step for investors to invest in precious metal transactions.
    For gold investors, how to judge the trend of gold in gold is the most concerned and most important issue. So, how can you judge the price trend of gold in gold investment? Here, I will introduce the following three methods.
    . Supply and demand prediction method
    As long as there is a transaction, there is a supply and demand relationship. Everyone also knows that "things are rare and expensive", and the gold investment market is the same. The method of judgment. We believe that the forecast of the future price trend of gold depends on the factors of two aspects: that is, the investment/speculative demand of gold as the product and the supply and demand factors of the gold itself.
    The, the demand for commodity investment is very correlated with global capital liquidity (inflation level) and US dollar trend. It is expected that the demand for commodity investment in 2009 is still sluggish, and the net investment in gold is likely to be negative. In terms of supply and demand, we expect that gold will have over -demand in 2009. Since 2010, due to the large reduction in China's junior gold exports, the supply surface will begin to benefit gold prices.
    In gold demand analysis, about 51%of the demand for gold in 2007 came from the industrial field, including electronics, silver -based solder and others. Benefiting from the global economic prosperity, the gold demand in the industrial field has grown steadily in the past six years, and the CAGR is 5.2%. It is expected that due to the global financial crisis in 2009, the demand in the industrial field will fall slightly, and the decline will be about 3-5%. In 2007, gold consumption demand (including photography, jewelry and silverware, silver coins, and medals) accounted for about 43%of the total demand for gold. Due to the continuous decline in the photography demand, the overall consumption demand of gold was difficult to get rid of the decline in the short term.
    . The US dollar prediction method
    The theoretical analysis shows that the rise and fall of silver prices is affected by the exchange rate, economic situation, securities market, inflation, international situation, and oil prices. The judgment of related factors can better predict short -term silver prices. For example, the trend of the US dollar is closely related to the price of silver.
    The trend of gold and the US dollar from 1990 to the end of 2003 can intuitively see that gold is rising when the US dollar falls, and when gold falls, the US dollar is often high.
    Why can the US dollar affect the price of silver?
    First of all, the US dollar is the pillar stone of the current international currency system. The US dollar and gold are the most important reserve assets. As a status of reserve assets and value preservation functions. Second, the US GDP accounts for more than 20%of the world's total GDP, ranking first in the world's total foreign trade. The world economy is deeply affected by it, and the price of gold is obviously a counter -proportion relationship with the world economy. Third, the world's gold market is generally bid at the US dollar, and the depreciation of the US dollar will inevitably lead to rising silver prices. For example, when the price of silver at the end of the 20th century entered the trough, people threw gold, which was closely related to the continuous growth of the US economy for 100 months and the US dollar.
    Ip: 1. Hedie risk: Some residents hold a large number of US dollars in the hands of foreign exchange, which not only worry about the depreciation of the US dollar, but also requires the US dollar to prepare for emergency needs. He can buy some bank's paper gold products appropriately to avoid risks. If the US dollar falls, gold will definitely rise, making up for the losses at the exchange rate. In the same way, because there are no foreign exchange products in China at present, banks' foreign exchange options products are still immature. For companies and individuals who are about to obtain US dollar foreign exchange, buying gold in the right time is the most practical method of avoiding the US dollar depreciation.
    2. The opportunity to obtain arbitrage: Due to the linear relationship of silver prices and exchange rates, when the exchange rate changes are first reacted to the silver price, there is an opportunity for arbitrage. Of course, such arbitrage transactions are generally only suitable for institutional investors.
    . Cost prediction method
    The value of goods depends on the general labor value that condenses it. In other words, the price will not be greatly deviated from the cost of the product. The cost can squeeze the bubble of the price and better see the nature of the product. When the political situation is turbulent, people can better understand the value of oil and gold, and the cost premium of gold will be higher.

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