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  1. Nowadays, more and more mainland companies have developed in the United States market. Whether they are registered companies, study abroad or immigration, they need to open an American bank account in the United States. However, opening an account in the United States is completely different from China. The Bank of America's requirements are strict and there are many types. Many customers do not know how to choose.
    The is actually a big difference between the two. Below Xiaoyi made a recommendation for the similarities and differences between Bank of America and Huamei Bank.
    bank of American Bank

    A US Bank is the largest number of customers who choose to open an account. The biggest advantage of opening an account in BOA is: whether it is a company or a individual household, you do n’t need to me. Go to the United States. And there is no video in China, no face -to -face visa, you only need to provide relevant information to handle it.
    If you want to make financial management in the United States, BOA's reputation for investment assets in the United States is still very good. The Bank of America's APP is also very easy to use. It can support a variety of language switching. It is the best APP in Xiaoyi who has used overseas banks. In addition, their ATM has a Chinese page, which greatly facilitates Chinese friends who do business in the United States.
    advantages: there are more ATM in the branch, six languages, Saturday, open to 1pm; no foreign exchange control.
    Disadvantages: The deposit is slow, usually at three o'clock in the afternoon, fines, handling fees, and hidden costs.
    east West Bank Huamei Bank

    Huamei Bank, headquarters in California, mainly serves Chinese people. China ’s bank debit cards are cash, and the handling fee is about 3 US dollars, and it can be 1,000 US dollars a day.
    This bank accounts whether it is a company or a personal household, I don't need to go to the United States. However, you need to sign or sign the signature at the Huamei Office of the Mainland. (Recently policies can be applied at home, without signing.) It can be easily handled by only providing information. It is also more convenient for general.
    advantages: you can apply at home without signing.
    Disadvantages: no physical card (but you can entrust an agent application).

  2. Huamei Bank is a bank opened by Chinese people
    MBC is a bank opened by Americans
    The former account opening is much easier than the latter

  3. Huamei account opening is more convenient
    In information required for the Human Bank account opening:
    1. Passport account book page
    2. Mobile phone number mailbox
    3. ) Each page signature
    4. Registration certificate EIN US federal tax number
    5. The front and back of the ID card business scope
    The certificate and the federal tax number are submitted to the Bank of America for review;
    2, the bank will send the account opening document to the domestic office after approval;
    3. Send all the information back to the United States and the final account is opened.

  4. Can Chinese people open a personal account of Bank of China?
    In the U.S. company bank account, do I need to go to the United States?
    It no need, you can go to face -to -face sign in the country with a noodle signing point in China
    1. You need to have American companies (except that LLC in California can open it, other state LLC companies cannot open it, so it is recommended to register INC Company) ;
    2. American ein tax number;
    3. Directors ID card and passport scan;
    4. Directors' information
    The certificate and the federal tax number are submitted to the Bank of America for review;
    2, the bank will send the account opening document to the domestic office after approval;
    3. Send back to the United States, and the final account is opened

  5. The difference between the U.S. Bank of America and BOA account opening
    Hima Bank is currently the largest commercial bank that is headquartered in California in the United States. Bank of.

    The reasons for selecting gorgeous
    1. Powerful strength
    2. Signing safety
    The reasons for. Do not choose BOA
    1. The amount should not be too large
    2. No face -to -face sign, low safety

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