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  1. With the improvement of the economic level, people's financial management methods have become more and more diverse. Among them, stock speculation is a way of financial management that many people love, but stock trading is also a technical work. Therefore It was necessary to learn some basic knowledge of stock trading before.

    News need to make the following preparations before the stock trading:

    1. Learning basic knowledge

    The newbies need to have the basic knowledge of the stock before the stock trading. It must be understood that for example, ST and * ST stocks are specially processed stocks. The previous DR of the stock indicates that the day is the division of this stock, the date of removing power, and the addition of XR in front of the stock, indicating that the day of this stock is divided by power, and so on; Secondly, you need to understand the trading rules of the stock. At present, the A -share market is implemented with a T 1 trading system, that is, the stock is bought today, and it can be sold tomorrow.

    The trading time of stocks is from 9:30-11: 30 in the morning of the trading day, from 13:00 in the afternoon; finally, we also need to have some technical knowledge of stock trading, such as MACD, and we The use of the KDJ and BOLL indicators, the analysis of the company's financial statements, etc. Through the study of these theoretical knowledge, the novice can understand the stock market, and select stocks based on the technical indicators and basic analysis learned.

    2, analog operation

    It want to learn stock speculation. In addition to knowing some common sense, you must act as actual operation. You can start with the simulation drive.

    Sessing most securities software has the function of simulating stock trading. Investors can use the theoretical knowledge they have learned to simulate the operation. By simulating stock trading technology.

    3, actual operation

    After repeated simulation operations, investors can properly perform real operations and form their own trading system. When simulation operations, although the operation is the same, the funds used are virtual funds. The profit and loss will not affect the actual funds of the investor, but the real operation is different, so the real operation requires investors to investors. Have a good attitude, do not affect your judgment because of profit or loss.

    The requirements for investors' personal requirements are relatively high. Because the stock market risk is relatively large, if you want to invest in stocks, investors must have a certain risk tolerance, and investors need to have possessing A good mentality, otherwise it will easily affect professional judgment due to profit or loss. The most important thing is that investors also need enough funds.

    Due to the high risk of the stock market, the possibility of losses is relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended that you use your home to invest in your home. Causes the unbearable consequences.

  2. (1) Economic knowledge. The securities market is an important part of the financial market. Therefore, investors must learn the necessary financial knowledge, have some knowledge about currency, credit, interest rates, inflation and other aspects, understand some basic economic principles and financial accounting of related enterprises, The knowledge in marketing science is conducive to understanding the direction of the development of the stock market.
    (2) Legal knowledge. Securities investment is a complex economic activity with tens of millions of people, which will involve many legal issues. Therefore, investors should understand and master relevant legal knowledge, such as civil law, securities law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, etc. There must also be a basic understanding of the management regulations on the stock market.
    (3) Mathematical knowledge. Calculating the income and risks of political vouchers, prediction and analysis, all require related mathematical knowledge. If possible, you should also understand the use of computer. There are many securities software on the market that can help you understand information and analyze market trends.
    At the same time, the newly -entered those must master certain skills:
    (1) Analyze the skills of the market. Investors must learn to analyze the trend of price changes in the fluctuations of the securities market, and choose the appropriate time to buy and sell, which includes learning the market market list and understanding some basic technical analysis methods.
    (2) Skills of transaction operations. Many securities business departments now use investors to automatically commission, which requires investors to be familiar with the procedures for automatic entrustment to increase the speed of entering the entrusted instructions to better grasp various opportunities. In short, for the newly -entered shareholders, there should be more money, effort, and certain knowledge skills. People who do not have the above three conditions are generally not suitable for stock investment

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