4 thoughts on “Is the teacher who shouted in a single group in the single group?”

  1. It can be clearly said, unreliable, very unreliable!
    Foreign exchange shouting this is a typical foreign exchange scam. The customer complaint center of Huichao received a lot of shouts and cheated complaints.
    : Hui Checai
    This of the five words that scammers like most, you must be familiar with:
    1. Guaranteed profitability! Monthly income is above XX% -is no risk of huge profits? Call the police!
    2, come on, I have the inside information of making a lot of money! ——The secrets to make money, why do you want to tell you nothing?
    3, increase funds to make money! —— Liar: You want to catch big fish!
    4, do not withdraw, carry this wave is victory -liar: who did you withdraw?
    5, enter the group to communicate with each other -except you are entrusted!

    Remember, the regular foreign exchange platform will not provide any call service! In this case, please stay away immediately!

  2. Most of them are unreliable. There are a lot of blood and tears on the exposure of foreign exchange eyes. Why do they have the ability to make money?

  3. This method is a wrong way to use the weakness of human thinking! In 2002, I talked specifically when I lectured on the software. This is a promotional gimmick for "harm" retail investors!

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