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  1. Note Book
    Vocabulary analysis:
    note Basic vocabulary
    r nvt. Note; Records; Note
    students should take notes raing the lectures.
    m students should take notes in class.
    address A Note writes
    arrange ones notes Sort the notes
    extension information
    vocabulary method —

    note Come to record short records that usually need to be remembered; you can also refer to the "short letterhead" written in order to inform someone. "Note" can be said to be a note (of), or it can also be said to take Notes (of), which is more common.
    Note can also remind people to pay attention to something, that is, "pay attention". NOTE extension can refer to "photos", "comments, comments", "hints, meaning", "comment" and so on.
    Note can also be used as a "banknote" solution. In Notes refers to "in the form of banknotes". The preposition in cannot be replaced by other prepositions, and Notes must be complicated in form. Note often takes a phrase, an irregular formula or a phrase of the word.

  2. Nb
    1. = Narrow Band narrow belt
    2. = NEBRASKA Nebraska (US)
    3. = New brunswick n4. = North Britain North Britain
    [化] The symbol of element (niobium)
    abbr. n1. = Narrow band narrow (frequency)

    In more:
    nb = Notebook is usually the abbreviation of laptop computers
    The first letters of "Niu Jie" and "Niu X"
    Elemental symbols: nb English name : Niobium Chinese name: 铌
    nb-new brunswick. A province in Canada
    nb = narrow-band narrow (frequency) band belt

  3. There are a lot of interest:
    = narrow-band narrow (frequency) band;
    new brunswick New Ban Lun Rick [plus]; );
    orth borneo North Borneo (Asia);
    dried north;
    north british northern Britain, Scotland's n
    [化] Element 铌(Niobium) symbol

    nb also n.b.
    abbr. nnew brunswick.

    NONE nthee Symbol for the element niobium

    . n
    = narrow band, narrow-frequency band, narrow band; = no-bias, no bias pressure; = number, number; number, number
    nb nnarrow band narrow (Frequency) Bring

    narrow beam Narrow beam

    base navigation base

    nimbus rain cloud r r r r r r r r r r r

    nota bene Note (Latin)

    narrow band narrow belt
    nimbus nnb
    nota bene Note (Latin)

    sterling Airways LTD. Sterling Airlines

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