NBA little shark earns more than 400 million yuan but bankruptcy? Zbo Sports revealed the truth

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  1. The American media "ZOOBET SPORTS" Sports News pointed out that former NBA star Eddy Curry has exploded on the show recently. Now life is very tight, and even children can't afford it, but his career has stayed in the NBA 12 In this season, he also won the championship ring in 2012. He earns more than 70 million US dollars (about 400 million yuan) in his career. In the between, the property is exhausted.

    Thei with a height of 211 cm and 133 kg was selected by the Bulls in the fourth place in 2001. The Zbo fans said that they had been suffering from too thick subcutaneous fat layer two years before entering the league. The development of physical fitness is lagging, entering and leaving in the main lineup. However, he played his career year from 2006 to 2007. This was his peak period. He first released 81 games, averaging 19.5 points and 7 rebounds 57.6%. It has become an excellent center in the eastern part of the Alliance. Essence

    . He was also sent to a young center who replaced O'Neal's high hopes. Although he has been in the industry for many years of defense and rebounds, he has not improved.

    The summer weight loss in the summer of that year, began to try to try slight defense under the strict bundle of the new coach Scott heart disease. Later, due to heart problems, he exited the basket.

    NBA players to go bankrupt, but Eddie did not spend the savings because of drug abuse and bombardment, but because of misunderstanding of a accountant to borrow in his name, leading to the high debt.

    It, Dr. Z, Dr. Z, understands that Eddy Curry has a huge overhead. In addition to supporting his ex -wife, it also includes private chefs, funding friends, relatives, and improper financial management.

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