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  1. Hello, from the perspective of information entropy, in order to indicate how much assets you have, you used gold weight before, and later used banknotes. Now or in the future, it is a string of numbers in the bank.
    Therefore, we need a distributed account book, which also forms the core of encrypted digital currency, and it is the future trend.
    . Why do digital currencies need to be needed? Offline payment and anonymous have always been a problem that cash is trying to solve. At present, my country's digital RMB (also known as DCEP) is a legal encrypted digital currency. M0 part replacement.
    The digital currency today can be divided into four categories: anonymous, not anonymous, online, offline. Digital currencies that are not anonymous and online are the most intuitive, which is clear and easy to understand in practicality.
    This process is actually very intuitive. Taking banks as an absolute center, all confidentiality work is made by banks, and 100%of banks know where consumption comes from and where to go. The difference is that you can put a sum of money in a digital wallet, similar to a delayed Alipay.
    In addition, anonymous online currency is more like cash, and the anonymous digital cash is very magical. The bank will know where the money is going, and the technology of "blind signed" is used here.
    Inon that digital currency actually uses advanced technology behind it to help us solve the shortcomings and difficulties of current cash. This is a "dividend" in the science and technology era, including technological realization of decentralization and not tampering , Can trace back, reduce the cost of human intervention, and so on.
    . Will the central bank digital currency promoted at the moment allow users to abandon third -party payment? To be honest, in addition to cash, many people have always worried that Alipay and WeChat pay the leading status.
    , the central bank's issuing digital currency naturally does not want to truly "de -intermediary", and still adopts the double -layer operation mechanism of "central bank -financial institution -user". Business relationship.
    of course, theoretically, it is not needed, just like when there is no third -party payment, the payment transaction is running as usual. As far as the existing settlement system is concerned, third -party payment is an increase in experience, and it is also icing on the cake. It has not been a necessity. The same is true of the central bank's digital currency. There is no third -party payment and will not have a substantial impact.
    , the central bank's digital currency is a new battlefield. Users are used to cultivating from zero. Now, the bank app is the first to pilot, and the first advantage is not paid here. Of course, we don't have to exaggerate this effect.
    Finally, the rise of third -party payment is not the product of the supervisor's intention to promote or the spontaneous breeding of the financial system, but is a change and innovation that the market needs self -proclaimed. Since it is born in accordance with market demand, user habits have become the largest moat for third -party payment. As long as they do not experience the user experience, third -party payment will have vitality.

    The Bitcoin price exceeded $ 50,000, and then exceeded the $ 60,000 mark. Now the topic of digital currency related to Bit is also hot.
    First of all, although digital RMB and Bitcoin are called digital currencies, the nature is completely different.
    Bitcoin is a decentralized currency based on blockchain technology and has good confidentiality.
    . Digital RMB is just the opposite. Digital RMB is no different from paper currency, but it is easier to control. The issue cost is lower. The confidentiality of the use of digital RMB is worse than that of bank transfer.
    of course, these two different forms of digital currency are beneficial and disadvantages.
    If countries in the world are earlier pilot countries 3 digital currencies, so why is China so anxious to pilot digital currency?
    This is mainly my country's third -party payment developed very quickly, that is, we usually use WeChat payment and Alipay payment. Of course, everyone thinks that this is a good thing, but banks (state -owned) do not think so because banks are in the bank because banks are in the bank, because the bank is in the bank because the bank is in the bank, because the bank is in the bank because the bank is in the bank. The third -party payment was completely backward in the competition, and it made a cloud of flashing but almost no one used.
    Classes in China are state -owned, and finance is a major event related to the "governing foundation". Under the existing rules, it can be amended the rules, so it is so urgent to launch digital RMB in China.
    What is the number of numbers, that is, banks or relevant departments can master how much money you have in your hands, even the number of money, and even any number of money in the ins and outs of any number of money.
    Bitcoin exceeded $ 60,000 and Ethereum exceeded $ 2,000. This seemed to be the price of heaven and night, but it was realized this year. Fan dare to think about it.
    It's use and value of digital currency represented by Bitcoin. From the perspective of digital currencies alone in a broad sense, I think digital currency has a very good prospect, which also includes RMB digital currency.
    The digital currency in the market today, and each digital currency launched on the exchange has a transparent price. Countless investors have purchased a large number of digital currencies, some are buying low and selling. Digital currencies have a bright future, and the price is seriously underestimated. Now buying is to sell higher prices in the future and earn higher profits.
    So, does digital currency really have a future?
    If digital currency's future does not depend on the hobbies or beliefs of a few people. In my opinion, the future of digital currencies depends on governments of various countries. The same. For example: the United States and Japan are open to digital currency, but India is obviously insufficient confidence. Digital currency heads led by Bitcoin are rejected. This is the different tracks between the country.
    Bitcoin is the representative of digital currency, also known as digital gold, and some countries have regarded Bitcoin as a choice of foreign exchange reserves, which shows that the value of Bitcoin has reached a wide range of consensus worldwide, and Bitcoin and Bitcoin, and Bitcoin The greatest value is consensus.
    Is when global investors, including governments of various countries, have reached an agreement on the consensus of Bitcoin. The promotion and popularity of digital currencies will become easier. When most people around the world accept digital currencies, the price of Bitcoin will be Fly on the sky.
    It back, if Bitcoin is not accepted by most investors, then, Bitcoin can only return to the concept of a few people play, and the price of Bitcoin that will not be consensus will turn around and go downwards. Essence
    The good news is that global investors' acceptance of digital currency represented by Bitcoin today is far better than expected.
    The value of Bitcoin is to reach a wide range of consensus worldwide. The US dollar can become global reserve currency. It is the United States that the United States has gathered all elites. After more than half a century of manipulation of the world situation, today's US dollar hegemony is available.
    Bitcoin is really the tools for western countries represented by the United States to harvest global investors with national power?
    M: This may exist.
    Personally, digital currency is a trend of the future, perhaps the blockchain digital currency represented by Bitcoin, and perhaps the digital RMB issued by the People's Bank of China represented by the central bank.
    I personally think that the prospects of digital currencies represented by Bitcoin are even more bright.
    This is purely personal opinion, not necessarily correct, please advise.

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