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  1. 1. Do a good job of travel guide
    Whether you go to Yulong Snow Mountain to travel freely or with group tours, you must do related strategies before the trip, such as related attractions, catering, accommodation, attractions and other information, etc. It is necessary to do a good job in advance. 2. Prepare documents
    Merebody, student ID, valid officer certificate, senior certificate and other documents before traveling to Yulong Snow Mountain. Yulong Snow Mountain tickets are free of votes with the half price of the student ID. Also prepare the hotel pre -order, air ticket itinerary, boarding pass, etc., and it is recommended to prepare a small file bag to install the documents. 3. Prepare cash and bank cards
    The most important thing for travel is to bring wallets, install bank cards, credit cards, bring 20%more money than budget, and bring 20 small banknotes of 1 yuan. , Coin, carry it closely. However, it should be noted that it is best to separate the ID card from the bank card. 4. Prepare the appropriate clothing
    because of the Yulong Snow Mountains usually reach Lijiang first, and the temperature of Lijiang most of the time and region is high, and you can wear short -sleeved shorts and long -sleeved jackets. However, if you want to climb the snow mountain, long -sleeved clothes, fleece jackets and corresponding warm clothes, such as cotton clothes and down jackets, be ready. More about what to prepare for Yulong Snow Mountain, enter:/ask/? ZD View more content

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