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  1. First, the bank card thawing needs to go to the bank. When the cardholder related bank card account is frozen, the cardholder needs to bring his ID card and the relevant bank card to any outlets of the account opening bank to handle the related freezing business.
    . How to thaw the bank card?
    1. If the savings card is frozen because of the error password, the user needs to bring the original ID card and the bank card to the bank outlets to thaw. If the assets are less than 50,000, you can reset the password on the smart teller machine, and if the balance in the card is greater than 50,000, you need to go to the counter to handle it.
    2, if the savings card is frozen for judicial reasons, it needs to be thawed after fulfilling the corresponding obligations. For example: you need to repay the debt of others to thaw.
    3. If the savings card is not used for a long time, the counter business is frozen, and I need to hold a valid ID card and a bank card to go to the counter.
    4, the credit card is frozen and thawed. It may be because of illegal swipe cards or cash withdrawal behaviors. Therefore, it is best to go to the bank counter and use the corresponding reasons before using it. If the password is wrong, it must be used to the counter.
    3. What are the reasons for the freezing of bank cards?
    The first type, misunderstanding during the card, will be temporarily frozen by the bank.
    1. Operation on the ATM machine, the password is more than 3 times, which will be automatically frozen. This will automatically thaw after 24 hours.
    2. Frequent operations on online banking, the password is more than 3 times, and it will also be automatically frozen. After 24 hours, it will be automatically thawed.
    3. Trading on the Internet is made by a virus link to misunderstand, temporarily frozen, thawing to the bank.
    The second type, in the process of using the card, the abnormal trading behavior was temporarily frozen by the bank
    1, frequent online transactions, online recharge, different accounts back and forth. Trading is also frozen by banks.
    2, large amount of foreign exchange transfer, frying virtual currency, frying foreign exchange, is considered an abnormal transaction by banks, and will also be frozen by banks.
    3, online transactions to buy pornographic video services, participating in gambling websites, etc., are also considered abnormal transactions and frozen by banks.
    4. User cards are stolen by others. Banks are deemed to be abnormal transactions. They can thaw the bank through legal channels.
    5, user bank card, huge or high -frequency transactions, are abnormal transactions and will be frozen by banks.
    The third type, participating in illegal crimes through bank cards, was frozen.
    1. The network fraud activities are performed through the bank card, obtaining huge benefits, huge funds, and convicted by the judicial authority.
    2. The bank card is suspected of major economic debt disputes and has been characterized by the court and was asked by the judicial authority to freeze.
    3, the user's bank card participates in a large number of money laundering, crimes involving black gangs, and drug -related transactions. It is characterized by the judicial authorities, and the bank will also freeze the bank card.
    This above, the bank card is frozen, which can be divided into temporary frozen and permanent frozen. The former is not serious. Find the reason, the bank will also thaw you; It will be permanently frozen.

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