5 thoughts on “What is the names of the helmet worn in the sword god domain?”

  1. 1: Nervgear. 2: Amusphere.

    The TV animation "Sword Art Online" is adapted from the light novel of the same name of Japanese light novelist Kawasawa Kawhara, which is divided into SAO and ALO articles. The work tells a death game with the throwing castle "Eneglangt Castle" as the stage. The player Kirito is involved in it. With the goal of fully strategies, a series of harsh adventures have been launched.

  2. Calling "Nervegear".
    The meant to sneak helmets in the next era. Enter the instrument that feels the facial features by connecting the brain nerves. Then you enter the Internet world. The real five senses are cut off. You are asleep as asleep. You do n’t respond how others do you.

  3. Another novel of the author Kawasawa has a narrative in the acceleration of the world
    The first Minsheng NERDLES machine. The appearance is similar to the boxed protective gear. Basic design is from the hands of Mao Sakaya. It is released by Argus as the earliest home game console in the world using NERDLES technology, setting an excellent sales record in the market. After the SAO incident, it was identified as a demon machine, and it was extremely difficult to start.
    nervgear's successor is sold by RECT. The appearance is two rings parallel coronary appliances. The "absolute safety" is to strengthen the NERVGEAR's protection system and security agency, and the electromagnetic pulse is reduced. Because the other specifications are the same as NERVGEAR, the game between the two machines can communicate.

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