1 thought on “How much can Douyin 16 million sound waves be exchanged?”

  1. At present, the exchanges between the sound waves and the RMB of the Douyin platform are 1:10, that is, 1 yuan = 10 sound waves, 1 sound wave = 1 cents, and then converted to 16 million sound waves = 1.6 million yuan.
    Douyin sound waves are virtual currencies of Douyin live broadcast. The anchors interact with fans through the live broadcast room. If fans like the anchor, they will recharge the coins on the platform to support the anchor through gifts. The live broadcast income of most anchors is to obtain sound waves by fans to brush gifts, and then convert cash through sound waves and withdraw cash. There are many ways to monetize the Douyin short video platform. Among them, live broadcast monetization is the main source of income for most anchors. For some anchors with a good value, talent and nice, the monthly income can be achieved by leaning live. For these anchors, they also use sound waves to calculate the income of anchors.

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