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  1. Vajrayana (scientific name), also known as diamond, diamond, English is Diamond, derived from ancient Greek Adamant, which means hard and inviolable substances. Vajrayana is very hard. The hardness here refers to the hardness (non -resistance) of the Mo family (non -resistance). The hardness is 10. It is currently known as the hardest mineral. The absolute hardness is 1,000 times the quartz and 150 times the correction. After the blow, it will be broken. Its density is 3.52
    g/cubic centimeter, d = 3.2. Qiang King Kong luster. The discount rate is high: 2.417, the color scattered is medium, 0.044. Betal body. The melting point is higher than 3550 ° C, and the boiling point is 4827 ° C. The thermal guidance rate is 0.35 calories/cm · second · degree. Test it with a hot guide, the most sensitive response. A group of explanations are complete. Diamonds are luminous. After sunlight, light green phosphorus light can be emitted at night. X -ray irradiation, emitting sky blue fluorescence. The chemical properties of diamonds are very stable, and it is not easily dissolved in acid and alkali at room temperature, and acid and alkali will not have effect on it.
    Donomedone, commonly known as diamonds, is a colorless positive octopus crystal. It is linked by the carbon atom to the four -price key. At present, only the hardness of the boron nitride (BN) X exceeds diamonds.
    Cochemical properties
    In diamond crystals, carbon atoms are connected to each other by tetrahedron formation, forming unlimited three -dimensional skeleton, which is a typical atomic crystal. In diamond crystals, each carbon atom is used in SP3 hybrid orbit to form a covalent bond with another
    4 carbon atoms to form a positive tetron. Because the C-C key in diamond is very strong, all the price electrons are involved in the formation of the common price bond. There are no free electronics. Therefore, diamonds are not only hard, high, and non-conductive. In industry, it is mainly used to make a probe and grinding tool for drilling probes. The complete shape of diamond is also used to make high -end decorations such as hand ornaments, and its price is very expensive.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer their relationship is equivalent to the relationship between wood and furniture. Some people say that diamonds are diamonds. In fact, this statement is completely wrong. Diamonds are just products processed by diamonds; diamonds refer to diamonds that have been pondered. Vajra is a natural mineral and rough of diamonds. Simply put, diamonds are wood diamonds. Expanded information: diamonds are commonly known as "diamond diamonds". That is, the original body of the diamonds we often refer to. It is a mineral composed of carbon elements. It is a particle material composed of single -quality elements. Prices, blue silk Delstone, etc.). Vajrayana is the hardest material of the many natural existences found on the earth. At the same time, diamonds are not produced only on the earth. It is now found in the meteorites that have been found in the celestial body. Vajrayana is very wide, such as cutting tools in crafts and industry.nHope can help younQuestion I don't agreenAnswer what do you don’t agree withnMore 2nBleak

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