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  1. 1. What is EOTC?

    eotc is the economic entrance of the Yuan universe.

    eotc is a trusted bridge to the virtual world.

    eotc is the world's first decentralized OTC exchange.

    . What are the pain points of EOTC to solve the blockchain industry?

    eotc 1.0 version solve the problem of security, stability, trust buying coins,
    neotccccc Smart contracts are deployed on Ethereum to provide safe, stable, and trusted CNY and USDT decentralized exchange services.

    The pain points in the industry at the same time:

    1, Trust Pain

    Crisis of Confidence.

    eotc is completely written on a fair, fair and open decentralized exchange on the chain. The user's assets are completely in their own hands, so there is a technical basis for technical trust.

    2, power supervision

    Any centralized exchange is composed of individuals, organizations or companies,
    n Within the scope of constraints, the relevant laws and regulations of some regions cannot be avoided.

    eotc is a smart contract code for complete community autonomous companies and no bosses. It is not yet within the scope of legal constraints.


    3, as evil money

    's core governance method of centralized exchanges is human governance,

    people It is the biggest variable, so the centralized exchange can never absolutely eliminate evil.

    eotc is a decentralized exchange, full of community autonomy, all rules and consensus are written to death with code, which cannot be evil at all.

    The problem of black money frozen cards has always troubled users in the currency circle. EOTC has fully considered the problem of black money governance since the beginning of design, and has established a comprehensive control of the black money frozen card system.

    . What is the future development plan for EOTC? What should EOTC do in the future?

    eotc will be decentralized OTC leader and will develop to decentralized currency, contract transactions The leader.

    eoTC, as the economic entrance of the Yuan universe, will redefine and empower the ecology of the Yuan universe from technology, capital, hardware, etc. Before half) plan.

    eotc 1.0 will realize the exchange business of CNY and USDT, setting up a trusted bridge between the real world and the blockchain.

    eotc 2.0 will add more fiat currency transactions and deploy more decentralized exchanges on the public chain. At the same time, EOTC's currency, contract, and lending exchange will be launched.

    eotc 3.0 will develop the entrance of the Yuan universe in the form of cross-chain-IF (if the bridge) to seize the mainstream economy entrance to the real world into the Yuan universe.

    eotc 4.0 will comprehensively deploy the Yuan cosmic ecology from the aspects of technology, capital, hardware.

    . What are the main target customer groups of EOTC?

    eotc 1.0 to 2.0 The main service groups are individuals and enterprises who love blockchain.

    The element universe is the next generation of the Internet and the future of human beings. EOTC is the entrance of the Yuan universe, and is determined to serve all mankind.

    5. What are the main competitors of EOTC?

    Thematic exchanges, decentralized exchanges, fake cottages in the later period

    eotc 1.0 1.0 As of the 2.0 stage, the main competitors are centralized exchanges. At present, the transaction volume of centralized exchanges is about 100 times the transaction volume of decentralized exchanges. After 924, the centralized exchange stated that it will withdraw from the users of the mainland, so since December 31, 2021, EOTC will enter the state of competing for the free -hearted exchange. EOTC will have an increase in users like the post -94 -year -old 94 years.

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