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  1. Gopay is a built -in payment procedure launched by Gojek in 2016. Compared with competitors OVO and Dana, GoPay has no independent application, and its development path is similar to domestic WeChat payment. As we all know, WeChat Pay relies on a large number of users accumulated by WeChat to quickly occupy the market, so as to get the opportunity to compete with Alipay Gopay. Users who rely on Gojek have become Indonesia's largest electronic wallets in just a few years.
    gopay belongs to Guogao Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    Guo Pao Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2011. It is a comprehensive technology finance service platform based on third -party payment. Guolbao now owns B2B/B2C online payment products, mobile payment products, etc. And launch cloud account services for corporate fund management services; cross -border business cross -border payment solutions; for individual user mobile wallet clients and other payment products, obtained Internet payment and mobile payment business license issued by the central bank on December 22, 2011 Certificate, obtained a fund payment business license in January 2015, obtained cross -border RMB payment business licenses in May 2016, and obtained an additional prepaid card issuance acceptance business license in December 2016.
    In above, it can be seen that the GoPay browser was developed by Guofubao Information Technology Co., Ltd.. In addition, this company also has some other businesses, such as online payment products, and some users' mobile wallets. When using your browser, you must choose a large platform for browser.

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