1 thought on “Can CICC's global credit card be used? What kind of card is this”

  1. Global payment credit cards, also known as all currency credit cards, refer to credit cards supporting multiple countries' currency credit card consumption. When the cardholders consume overseas, the overdraft amount will be directly included in the corresponding account. Therefore A lot of money conversion fees.

    The credit card (single and double currency card) and global payment credit cards, the two are only different in the number of settlement currencies. For example, dual currency cards are UnionPay VISA
    RMB US dollars, so when shopping in Amazon in the United States, there is no difference between dual currency and all -currency (Situation 1). However, if you shop in Amazon, Japan, the dual currency card will first pay the consumption Japanese yen according to VISA's exchange rate
    The currency conversion fee on the US dollar account (situation 2), and then repay the RMB against the US dollar.

    The component card, barrier -free card from going abroad:
    The main function of all currency is to be exempted from currency conversion fees and can handle the transaction demand of all currencies. Whether it is consumed where the country is consumed, it can be repaid directly with RMB after returning to China to exempt foreign exchange purchase procedures. In addition, banks' full currency international cards generally give high travel accident insurance.
    Mu currency cards not only integrate the advantages of single currency cards and dual currency cards, but also avoid their shortcomings. Moreover, the multi -currency cards issued by various banks are free annual fees. The only disadvantage is that all currency cards do not support the UnionPay channel for the time being.

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