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  1. In the happy landlord, each game will consume 220 happy beans, novice or less than 1000 happy beans will receive 1,000 happy beans, send it four times a day, if four thousand happy beans are lost, they will lose. You can only wait until the next day to seek happy beans. But when you hit 25 innings, the Landlord of the Happy Fighting will give you 2000 happy beans. When you hit 40 innings, you will send 3,000 happy beans. When you reach the 80th inning, Happy Landlord will give you 4000 happy beans!nHappy Beans cannot obtain Q coins. If you buy it, one Q coins can get 11,000, and 22 thousand Q coins can be obtained. If you win enough 60,000 in the landlord, Tencent will not let you continue to play in the novice, you can only reach the high -power zone, and you will lose the hard -working joy beans here. If you Fortunately to win a certain amount, Tencent will allow you to enter a higher doubling field until you lose, and come again from scratch, so the game is a game after all, do not involve the renminbi. When you spend money, you are really really you are really Loser.

  2. So many people answered ... I will summarize it! You can understand the name ... Happy Beans is used to play happy games in QQ games such as Happy Landlords, Happy Bullona, ​​etc. to make you happy! After the answer ... hope to adopt.

  3. Still I will give you the most satisfactory answer. Happy Bean is indeed a virtual game coin, but it can be replaced to RMB. On Taobao, it is generally 1.5 yuan to buy 10W happy beans, but it is generally 50W starting. If you win the happy beans, you can also take it to the shops in Taobao. The general price is 100W Happy Bean 9 yuan. Taobao shops make the difference between this. If you feel satisfied, please adopt it.

  4. It is not useful for the time being, but it is entertainment, but now I can smash eggs in QQ Game 520, but the minimum is more than 25,000, too much, not worth it

  5. QQ Game Happy Bean can not be exchanged for Q coins.
    If if you are too much. Only take it to the lucky 520 to smash the eggs. If you are lucky, you can smash Q coins.

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