Yang Guo waited until the little dragon girl for sixteen years, and I waited for you in 16 years

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  1. At that moment, you finally discovered that the person who had loved the deep love had disappeared in the world as long as he said goodbye. The love and thoughts in my heart are just myself, and they have possessed a memorial.
    -Annie "August Weiyang"

    (4) Unforgettable 17 days and facing the lost everywhere
    July 17, 2004 At 23:30, the K189 she took through a long trek, from Shanghai to Shenyang North Station. Three days ago, Z told me the news she would come. After leaving, Z had to go back to his hometown with his parents to deal with the funeral.

    This at that time these news collided in the brain and burst. I was obviously a little overwhelmed. Z wrote a letter that I didn't know the content so far. Put it to her hands. At that age of unknown, I was indeed a little uneasy or even scared, and I felt that I couldn't handle this complex relationship and chaotic emotions.

    That night, I was holding the packaging bouquet and waiting for her to leave the station on Shenyang North Station Square. How many times are she guessing how she will appear in her mind? Can real people over the image of the big head? What will the first sentence say? At the moment when I really met, it was solidified into a stupid tongue, because she did not know that Z's grandfather had an accident in advance, nor did she predict that Z will be temporarily absent, which caused them to be temporarily embarrassed Essence

    On the way back to the residence, she repeated the most: how can Z? How many years later, when I asked her feelings at the beginning of the year, would she still express her embarrassment at that time? I would ask her, do you want Z to pick up the station with me? She said she had never thought of being alone with me, thinking that she was a good friend to witness my love with Z. I said that I was getting out of the time. I always became a sister, and she said that Z did not pass it to her. When I handed her Z's letter to her, she didn't tell me what the letter was, but kept thinking: How could this be? How could this be?

    In that summer vacation, some of my people were busy applying for the examination class, and everyone could take the opportunity to gather in Shenyang. When I accompanied her to go shopping, she helped her pick the camouflage skirt, which looked particularly refreshing. She later said that she liked that suit, and later wore it for many years, and she was thrown away until she was broken. When visiting the university campus I lived in, took a group photo with her, took her and the little buddies to eat hot pot and sing K, go to Xia Palace to swim together, go to her to take the exclusive Ferris wheel, play with a laptop computer together The game of the alloy warhead ... instead, the incident of helping the manuscript became the way.

    On August 4, 17 days later, it was also Shenyang North Station. She set foot on the south train, and the number of trains was K190. Before leaving, I surrounded the gold necklace that I planned to give to my girlfriend on her neck and swap her schoolbags with her. Well, her schoolbag is Q – Gen, a very thick white above. The hemp ribbon has a QQ sister's plush toy, and a small compass pendant.
    Start green spoils at Carrefour at Shenyang North Station and sent me. For many years since then, every time I heard the song "Your Backpack" of Eason Chan, I will inadvertently think of her, and the pot of green dill with only three leaves at first was placed in front of me in my junior year. Enjoying the comfort of the breeze, but was broken by the winding down the window sill, which made me feel unable to describe it at the time. She also called to tell her about it, but she said on the phone. It ’s not in Shenyang, and there is no meaning of a pot of plants. Let it go in the past, it’ s just a pot of green plants ... Every sentence sounds painful. But even so, it was taken by me when I graduated from college, and then developed a "strange vine" of six or seven meters long.
    When the platform ticket entered the station and sent her, I watched the K190 green car gradually getting closer. My heart was a little flustered, and I felt that I was about to lose her immediately. The kind of parting may turn around. I can't see it again. After she got on the car and found the seat, I tried to make myself calmly across the train of the train, and it looked not so pitiful. But you know, it is difficult to hide such things like mood and expression, and I feel that I still expose it more.

    In years later, when you think of that scene, it is really like the movie "Passing from Your World", Liu Yan and Yue Yunpeng said that they took a taxi after breaking up, Yue Yunpeng The dialogue and mood when I was desperately chasing her behind the car ...

    The train was gradually driving away, and then disappeared in the field of vision, leaving me alone, standing alone, standing alone On the platform, looking at the disappearance of the distance from the distance. Her departure seemed to take away my soul. On the bus back to school, she sent a text message to Huludao. She said that she knew that this was my hometown. I didn't reply to her text message, and my heart was sad. For more than half a month, I really regarded her as a girlfriend, thinking that this day would continue. Unexpectedly, after all, when I was awake, I was still alone.

    In mid -September 2004, Z returned to school after the summer vacation. As I expected, we became the relationship between seniors and sisters. She had no news for more than a month when she returned to Shanghai. The time seemed to be still, and she seemed to get older. My all kinds of concern is not available, accompanied by no response thoughts, in this mouth, the thoughts in the wind embedded in a small program of couples, a ID called Youyou appeared in the field of vision, it was that kind of long one. Very beautiful girl in Xinjiang, so I started writing a confession letter to Youyou every day in the community diary, because I know that she can see, she will see.

    But from her login record, she did see it, but there was no question and response, so I was the same as the members who played a lot of thoughts in the wind, He Youyou ended in the community as a virtual couple. Caoshu wrapped all the virtual currency in the community and packed red envelopes. Youyou also set the colorful bell of her phone to "About Winter".

    It now think of these farces that year. If I do n’t know the inside story and the cause and effect, I will feel that I am a man with multiple loves, but after carefully sorting it, I feel that I was emotional at that time. I do n’t know, because I like it in my heart. When facing an absolute way, people will bump around, try to forget themselves, try to go out of a living path. Therefore, in a strict sense, I do n’t step on two boats on my feet, but I see it deliberately: on the one hand, let Youyou know my pursuit, and on the other hand, I want her to see me Strongness and cruelty made her feel that I had not been trapped in this relationship.

    S occasional landing in the wind to send back posts. Occasionally, I will talk to Youyou Tong to talk about the earth. During that time, I feel that my life seems to be constantly squeezed, and it is like it. Gradually stepped into the right track in constant tossing and confusion. And just when I was boring to pass the university life, I accidentally entered the QQ chat room of our school. She met Later L. Her nickname was Ziro Xinlan. Although she was not in a university, although she was in a different place with her, she was still in a different place, but she was still in a different place, but she was still in a different place. After three months of understanding each other, the relationship between men and women who can be brought out in the real sense is determined.

    During that time, I was confused. I don't know if I like a person with a boyfriend who is impossible? I don't know how I became a community couple with Youyou? I don't know why I suddenly had a different girlfriend in different places? However, in many confused siege, I found that I couldn't find the exit, I could only be pushed by the torrent of fate, and kept moving forward ...

    n When the relationship between men and women and women, I confessed her existence with Youyou, which was a prelude to L. The reason why it is admitted is because I don't want to conceal it. At the same time, I said that I would deal with these things well. As a result, while Youyou and I frankly appeared in QQ on QQ, L used another trumpet (lake in the eyes) to encourage Youyou to leave me.

    I didn't know it, but Youyou will feel inexplicable at the same time, so I show me the screenshot of her QQ chat. Because L did something that made me extremely disgusting. After being questioned, after being questioned, L rushed to my dormitory floor from other places and apologized to me in desperately pulling me, asking me for forgiveness, but I do n’t know. The seeds that are not trusted and disgusted have been deeply buried in their hearts.

    In early February 2005, before the Spring Festival, I met with friends in the wind in Xinjiang to play together. In fact, I have selfishness. Because I feel owed to her explanation. The moment when L and I mentioned this incident, I didn't want to continue to maintain a couple relationship with her, but I didn't say so clearly. And at that Spring Festival, I transferred at Beijing Station and did not buy train tickets to Xinjiang. Just buying the ticket hall in Beijing Station, and explaining that the matter was clear with Youyou, and the contact was broken.

    Who did I lose? Who lost me? Who did I play with? In fact, at that young age, I didn't think too much about it. I just felt that I had a person who was in my heart at that time, but she had a boyfriend and didn't want to ignore me. I couldn't see me. I couldn't see me. Light and hope. As a boyfriend, I did not do anything extraordinary, but it was all kinds of emotional entanglement in my heart. I couldn't figure out what happened to myself?

    (5) Separation of decisions and determination
    in May 2005, and she had no contact with her for half a year. After passing the English level 4 exam, my junior life was so idle that I wanted to suffocate, so I told L that I would go to Shanghai to turn around, and by the way, I wanted to see her. The reason for this is that I don't want to maintain a relationship with her fame, because I don't feel trusted. L just said that let me go, nothing else said nothing.

    The seven -day Golden Week, I went to the receiving address on the envelope before, passing by all the ways she traded in the letter (this is also the recommendation of Su Rui later to recommend her Su Rui The reason for "Holding Hand"), but she said in the text message that she would not see herself again. She stood by the Huangpu River on the Bund and looked at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower on the opposite side. flooded my mind. On the way back to the northeast by train, I received a message from her, saying that let me listen to "The price of love": Let's go, let's go, this is the price of love.

    At that time, Hu Ge and Liu Yifei's "The Legend of the Sword and Sword" was hit, and the episode "The Rain in June" thought of it: You go, even if you want to separate ... The mood at that time, listening to this lyrics is really memorable, so that now I will occasionally pour her mouth, telling the depressed mood and sadness of the year, but As long as she put up a few words in time, how much bitter water I think is instantly melted away, and the rest is just sweet and happy.

    In November 2005, because the civil servant exam did not register online, I missed the opportunity of squeezing the wooden bridge, and I could only choose to go to Liaoning Daily for internship. At 5 o'clock every day, I took the Taoist Development Zone to take bus 236 The car arrives at No. 356 Youth Street, and returns to the school bedroom at 19 o'clock at 19 o'clock, and it continues until the Spring Festival.

    The recruitment news of Ansteel Daily, which was notified to classmates by the guide. When L accompanied me to the written test, she also replaced herself. Although I think the relationship with L is very subtle, but this Spring Festival, I still want to take her to see her parents. As a result, she hesitated and refused to come, causing us to be in the Cold War throughout the Spring Festival. When she said on the phone, I didn't want her to come, so I refused.

    . After the Spring Festival in 2006, I made myself very busy, shooting the campus DV, served as the screenwriter director, plus the post -editing, because only when I was busy, I would not think wildly. In mid -February, PetroChina was recruited, and Valentine's Day and L had no connection with each other. On March 20, I sold myself to a state -owned enterprise and signed an employment agreement, and I sent the phone to explain the situation with L. It unexpectedly rejected the place of work with me. On March 25, at the exit of Shenyang Station, we returned to their selfish items and officially separated. Later, in her QQ space log, she found that she fell in love with a divorce man before the Spring Festival. The dog blood plot was not related to this article. In this way, I just felt that it would be good to be able to break up peacefully.

    is just before entering the station, she asked me because that talent was going to break up with her? I didn't answer at the time, and then she said: I know you like her! But unfortunately, people don't like you!

    Is or dislike, don't you worry about it? Intersection I say.

    . Although we broke up, although you don't like me, although I will not go to Panjin with you, but you remember, we are not together, I will not let you and her with her There are good results! Before she turned around, her words were sharp and seemed to be light and light.

    Then you casually! I think the reason why I rushed to L said that I always believed that although I broke the contact with her, but the one who lasted for so long, I don’t know if it is friendship or love. Personal destruction, but in fact I was wrong and I was very wrong. I don't know how L later contacted her, and said a lot of distorted things in private.

    In July 2006, I successfully joined PetroChina and became a journalist. In a few months of internships, my thoughts on her thoughts were increasing, so I often searched her QQ number to check her QQ detailed information and talk about dynamics. Occasionally, I found that she reminded her job in QQ detailed information. address. In early December, a long letter was sent by me and sent it together, as well as the campus DV I took before graduation, and the photo of her came to Shenyang.

    half a month later, she passed the verification of QQ friends, saying that she received the letter and CD, only the indifference of the words, and the passion and patience of many years ago. This kind of thing is the situation of people and not, making me feel endless sadness and suffering. She said that she hates me, and also said that I have a problem with RP ...

    She gradually touched, and then broke the contact. I couldn't stand her cold, and stubbornly deleted her QQ number. That year was the first year when Wu Xie was waiting for the younger brother in "Tomb Raider", and it was also a year when my relationship and her relationship gradually died and ended.

    Remember to be in the Xia Palace of Shenyang two years ago. I took her to swim with Xiaofa. Standing in front of the Xiaogong floor -to -ceiling window, waiting for me, the warm afternoon has a warm sunlight, my shoulders are gradually moving towards her with the sun, just like the prince walking towards the princess with both hands and holding the skirt. At that time, she will always be in The warm afternoon thought of me, and after that, she wrote on the blog: The same warm afternoon, I won't think of him anymore! (To be continued)

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