Shen Teng had a birthday, and Xie Na drank the account. The next day she asked for debt. Shen Teng did not recognize the account?

1 thought on “Shen Teng had a birthday, and Xie Na drank the account. The next day she asked for debt. Shen Teng did not recognize the account?”

  1. On the day of Shen Teng's birthday, a group of people were drunk, and Nana confusedly helped calculate the account. The next day in Nana, she woke up to ask for debt, and Shen Teng did not admit it. I was so angry that Nana called him all day. In the end, what did Nana do to return Shen Teng to her!

    Once, Shen Teng had a birthday, and he shouted a bunch of good friends, including Nana. In theory, Nana is here to eat, drink and play. He didn't want to bleed at all.

    but the error is too high. If I accidentally, a group of people were drunk.

    When it was time to leave, a group of people were drunk and could not find the southeast northwest east.

    Nana vaguely heard Shen Teng said, Nana, please help me checkout.

    Nana ran to the front desk to check out, and then began to sleep.

    Until the next morning, Nana woke up, opened the phone to see, God, a debit information lying on it.

    Na Na remembered that Shen Teng's birthday seemed to be explained yesterday. I didn't say anything, and immediately called Shen Teng. As a result, Shen Teng was still very sober and full of denial: I couldn't be your account, I don't owe you.

    This is annoying Nana who loves money. You can owe anything, but you never owe me money!

    Nana's serial murderer constantly sent to Shen Teng. He called all day and Shen Teng did not recognize it. Nana was almost crazy.

    In Nana thought a way to invite Shen Teng to participate in her show, but after the show, he did not give Shen Teng money, so he didn't even have this account.

    but not over yet, which makes Nana very angry. Only by seizing the opportunity can he ridicule Shen Teng in the show. Over time, everyone in the circle knows that Shen Teng has a bad habit, that is, he does not pay back!

    The Shen Teng said he was very wronged, but he couldn't answer his question. Even his iron partner Mary took this "bad habit" as a matter of reaching. When Shen Teng borrowed money from Mary, Mary's first response was: Na Na's money, you don't pay back, I dare to lend you?

    The people in the circle know that Nana is "small" and pays more attention to money. He Jiong also said: When she and Nana go out for dinner, she always pays for herself, and Nana never pays.

    Due to stingy, Nana also intentionally or unintentionally accepted Wei Daxun as an apprentice and made himself the leader of the "stingy" faction.

    Once, Nana fancy a bag and borrowed 30,000 Australian dollars from Bao Wenjing. Bao Wenjing borrowed generously. But who knew that after a long time, Nana still didn't pay back the money. Bao Wenjing made it clear that Nana pretended to forget.

    It Bao Wenjing's husband Bao Bell talked to Nana in the show. Nana remembered it and then transferred 30,000 yuan to Bao Wenjing.

    Bing Wenjing thought Nana was wrong, and seriously reminded Nana: Sister Na, 30,000 Australian dollars is equivalent to 150,000 yuan, is it necessary to make up 120,000 yuan?

    but Nana joked and said seriously, you are too stingy. If I am you, I don't need a friend to make up. Received directly!

    This sentence annoyed Bao Wenjing. Not only that, Nana also joked with Bao Bell: Your wife is too stingy. She didn't laugh after swiping your card!

    Bai Bell is very embarrassing. He can only do a round of things. He said: Forget it, don't pay back the money, and don't compete with her, just give you a New Year gift!

    has to say that it is too easy for celebrities to make money. If 120,000 people say no, they don't want them.

    is also a successful star with such a big breath, and Bao Bell is guided by the best performance. At the most difficult time, he and his girlfriend Bao Wenjing lived in a narrow and humid room, without bathrooms and elevators. At that time, the two had no money and resources, and when they were poor, they had to divide a bag of instant noodles with two people.

    Later, with his own efforts, Bao Bell, who was not outstanding, killed a blood path among a group of actors, successfully tapped the road that suits you most for himself, and successfully embarked on the pinnacle of life.

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