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  1. "Who ordered the staple food? Hurry up to change this bad habit and eat like a lobster."
    Now looking back at this "The Richest Man in Xihong City", it can really be called a veritable Grand Slam movie Essence
    July 18 is a magical month.
    That month, the god's work "I'm Not the Medicine God" is in the theater line with his excellent reputation, and he has occupied the box office proportion in a dark horse with a dark horse. None of "Evil Is Nothing" cannot be hurt.

    The ten days later, the medicine god has successfully completed the task, and the cumulative box office has reached more than 3 billion.
    The people thought that this was just a flash of flowers at that time. Unexpectedly, the Yaoshen had just quit the stage, and the other landslide followed.
    On the 23rd day of Yaoshen's release, "The Richest Man in Xihong City" was born, and the "Ferris Rescue" of the boulder Johnson was the first, with Xu Ke's "Di Renjie's Four Heavenly Kings" on the same day. Can only be cleaned under him.
    The first day of 220 million, 320 million the second day, and 350 million on the third day.

    In only three days, "The Richest Man in Xihong City" won nearly 1 billion box office, not only to make the cinema shot shoulder, but this arrogant posture also made many in the same period in the same period. Movies have greeted.
    In finally, such a work without big production and starring first -line stars cut off 2.57 billion box office, ranking fourth in the total box office in 2018.
    This has also become the highest box office of all the movies of happiness.
    "The Richest Man in Xihong City" is the second co -in the second time after Yan Fei and Peng Damo's "Charlotte Trouble". Of course, they have made such two movies.

    I. As a happy twist's stage play creation team, they are very interested in the drama tension, and they also know the convenience of getting the moon in the water tower first.
    So when they saw Bruce's Millions of Health Wealth, they couldn't hold back.
    It as we all know, "The Richest Man of Xihong City" is adapted from the foreign movie "Brust's Million Cai Cai" and purchased the redemption copyright.

    It the original book about a black man named "Bruce" was impoverished when he was impoverished. Spend 30 million US dollars.
    The movie was released in 1985, but tracing back to the source of the same name from the same name in 1902.
    The novel has been remake of movies many times since the publication. Hollywood, Britain, Bollywood, and Brazil have had remakes. Finally, nearly 13 twin movies have been come down.

    In the original novel, the protagonist only needs to spend $ 1 million, but after inflation and currency depreciation, the "Richest Richest" in Xihong City has reached 1 billion yuan It also costs $ 140 million in dollars.
    For the director's suddenly increased to 1 billion, Shen Teng also talked crazy about it:
    "How much money to find a place to put one billion yuan, add these billion, and then hire ten people again Looking at the one billion, fifty people watch these ten people, this money gets 3 billion! "

    In the movie, the screenwriter specially joined the most popular" touch porcelain "at the moment. The drama,
    , "The Richest Man of Xihong City" was also "touched porcelain" because of the script after success.
    and the screenwriter specifically pointed out that the plots such as "golf" and "weeding" in the movie are extremely similar. Later, under the qualifications and debates between the two parties, they were not sentenced to court, and there was still no results to this day.

    It after the litigation hall, many netizens who did not understand the ins and outs of the dragon thought that the happiness twist copied "Brust's Millions of Health".
    This is indeed wrong. People are regularly purchased remake copyrights.
    It's words, "The Richest Man in Xihong City" began planning in 15 years. At that time, "Charlotte's Trouble" was turning the tide in the courtyard. Linkage.
    The bridge that two people had driven in "The Richest Man in Xihong City" called "Dongmei Bridge".

    This in "Charlotte Trouble" whether it is Shen Teng's luxury car, or "Xihong Seventh Middle School", "Xihong City Hospital" or or It is the station, which shows that they all belong to the same city.
    In the happy twist, "the universe"?

    It, almost all actors in "Charlotte Trouble" moved to "West Rainbow City", which is also a stalk of a person.
    The movie was sold at the time when the movie was announced. Basically, except for "Ma Dongmei", other actors moved to Xihong City.

    So two stories occurred in "Xihong City".
    Why are you so fascinated by "Xihong City"?
    one is because the director thinks that "Xihong City" is well remembered, and the homophonic stalk is more humorous, and the other is said to be Qiqihar's hometown, where there is a "Xihong Bridge". When he was young, he was nearby nearby. There is "Xihong City".
    and Qiqihar's barbecue is extremely famous, which also explains why Wang Duoyu invited "Rafite" to eat roasted waist.

    In the original work in 1985, the protagonist is a baseball player, but in order to adapt to the localization adaptation, the director specially changed to the "goalkeeper". The "bottom line" of money.
    This also added Wang Duoyu's line in the first act.

    . Before the movie was filmed, in order to make the image more in line with the image of the athletes, the director deliberately let Shen Teng lose weight. It also sets a long -distance running plan of 5 kilometers per day.
    But before it started, Shen Teng injured the ankle and hip joint because of the mammoth exercise. In desperation, the director could only change the style, but let Shen Teng gain weight to 163 pounds.
    Later, when shooting a football game, Shen Teng was "tortured" to joint water, and other actors were miserable.
    The originally planned only a small part of the original plan, but because the shooting was too hard, it left for more than 10 minutes.

    In football play, Zhuang Qiang's insulting his wife, Gao Ran, but was directly sent off by the red card. It was actually taken from the World Cup in 2006. Real events in the league.
    The finals of that year, Italian defender Matrazi deliberately pulled Zidane during the defense, and he did not idle his family.
    The last time Zidane couldn't bear to use Matrazi's chest on top of his head. Materazi fell down. Zidane ate a red card. This was the famous "Zidane Top" incident.

    Similarly, in the 2014 World Cup, a doctor in England was ecstatic after seeing the goal, but finally fell down because of the crazy celebration movement stepped on the water bottle and fell down. Essence
    This plot was also written into the movie. After the coach changed his team, he was lifted out of the field before playing.

    It, Wang Duoyu's "billion" hairstyle is actually Wang Sicong.
    The stories of Tianli Giant Cai and Team, Investment, etc. have also been put on "Wang Sicong Halo". Many viewers even laughed at the time that the movie should be called "What kind of experience is Wang Sicong".

    The Wang Duoyu flying into the water. During the washing process, he deliberately spit the saliva into the pool, as well as the classic "human wall protection" in football play " Essence
    I I think that even if it is not a fans, I can guess that I am paying tribute to Zhou Xingchi.

    is not only Zhou Xingchi, but even the king of Hollywood comedy "Kim Kaarie".
    The 10 million checks appeared in the movie, the signature is "Kim Kaarie" written by Chinese characters, which is exactly the famous Hollywood comedy star Jim Carrey.

    The poverty -stricken background, his father lost his job in his early years, and his mother suffered from depression.
    It, Kim Kairui, who had fallen into the valley, specially wrote a fake check in order to encourage himself and signed 10 million US dollars.
    In Later, Kim Kaarie succeeded, but his father left him in the same year. Kim Kaarie replaced the fake check with a real check and put it in his father's grave as a memory and chase to his father. read.

    The bank custodian played by Taiwanese actor Jiu Kong. During the team dinner, Wang Duoyu deliberately removed their food and replaced them with "unity". Barrel noodles and tea eggs.
    Is for these two, I don't want to say more.

    In addition, there are actually many localized bridges and plots, such as "touching porcelain", "eating with Buffal", "donation list" Wait ... It can be seen that this is completely a domestic "event book".
    I. Different from other comedies, the work of happy twist always likes to pick up materials on the spot, and uses ridiculous and sneer to arouse the resonance of the current audience. Although their works are always facing deletion and review, their works There will always be a trace of aftertaste, which attach high sociality.
    Compared with other works that only pursue funny performances, he made a judgment.

    Now it seems that "the richest man in Xihong City" can achieve such a huge success. In fact, after the firing of three movies, a core is finally developed. Balance with jokes.
    Since 2015, after the first film "Charlotte Trouble", the comedy team appeared in front of the masses.
    The and solid comedy skills of "Hao Jian" at that time, "Charlotte's Trouble" achieved great success in the year.

    A although the burden is still talked about this year, the core of the story has become the controversial point of the movie.
    The dream of Charlotte's yellow beam, is it explaining the principle of "initial beauty" or creating a "self -deception"?

    The happiness twist pain and pain. Later, "Donkey Water" scored 8.3 high points, almost reaching the ceiling of the comedy movie in recent years. Thumbs.
    This reputation can not be eaten. "Donkey Water" is applauded because of the full -time, but only gets 172 million box office, only 1/8 of "Charlotte Trouble".
    The third movie "Shy Iron Fist" of Happy Twist has completely fell into the comedy routine.
    although the movie can still stir up the laughter, but the setting of this sexual turn and the background of boxing is nothing more than a type of film served for a strong comedy contrast.
    This time it is a compromise of the box office, and it is also a realistic loser.

    . The fourth work "The Richest Man in Xihong City", with a completely localized adaptation and ironic theme, strives to make every bag Understand, while meeting with a smile, you can think of the social significance behind him.
    This, whether the box office and word of mouth have reached the ultimate balance, the burdens of all ages and the main purpose of deepening the audience have made the audience cross several generations.
    If "Charlotte Trouble" made the original "Hao Jian" successfully stood on the big screen, then this "The Richest Man in Xihong City" can prove that Shen Teng has become a domestic comedy pillar.

    "Western", Shen Teng was just a guest appearance in major movies, but all the works starred in all the works are almost all happy twist or some small cost production.
    "West", Shen Teng starred in Han Han's "Sky Life", partner Huang Bo's New Year's Eve "Crazy Alien", participated in major variety shows, and became the captain of "Ace".
    On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala 2020, the "Hao Jian" shook his body and became "Chief of Hao".

    has complained about getting off the plane. Only two people fans pick up the plane.
    and now Chen Teng's TV has become the "god of variety shows". The big screen is "10 billion box office male gods". He can just go to the hot search with a speech, and he can capture the focus at one time.
    The is like Shen Teng's weight at this point. The small actor who once did not see the scriptures became a pivotal comedy coffee in the circle.
    It's retreat of "Zhao's" and the "Guo" transition, Shen Teng and Huang Bo and Xu Yan took over half of the riverside of the big screen comedy.
    -complete text.

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